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toloka.client.TolokaClient.patch_task | Source code

Changes a task overlap value.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
task_id str

The ID of the task.

overlap Optional[int]

Overlap value.

infinite_overlap Optional[bool]

Infinite overlap:

  • True — Assign the task to all Tolokers. It is useful for training and control tasks.
  • False — Overlap value specified for the task or for the pool is used.

    Default value: False.

baseline_solutions Optional[List[Task.BaselineSolution]]

Preliminary responses. This data simulates Tolokers' responses when calculating confidence in a response. It is used in dynamic overlap (also known as incremental relabeling or IRL) and aggregation of results by skill.

known_solutions Optional[List[BaseTask.KnownSolution]]

Responses and hints for control tasks and training tasks. If multiple output fields are included in the validation, all combinations of the correct response must be specified.

message_on_unknown_solution Optional[str]

Hint for the task (for training tasks).

  • Returns:

    The task with updated fields.

  • Return type: