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toloka.client.TolokaClient.patch_task_suite | Source code

Changes the task suite overlap or priority

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
task_suite_id str

ID of the task suite that will be changed.

issuing_order_override Optional[float]

The priority of a task suite among other sets in the pool. Defines the order in which task suites are assigned to Tolokers. The larger the parameter value, the higher the priority. This parameter can be used if the pool has issue_task_suites_in_creation_order: true. Allowed values: from -99999.99999 to 99999.99999.

open_pool Optional[bool]

Open the pool immediately after changing a task suite, if the pool is closed.

  • Returns:

    Task suite with updated fields.

  • Return type:



Change the task suite's priority.

toloka_client.patch_task_suite(task_suite_id='1', issuing_order_override=100)