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toloka.client.actions.RejectAllAssignments | Source code

RejectAllAssignments(self, *, public_comment: Optional[str] = None)

Rejects all Toloker's assignments in the pool. This action is available for pools with non-automatic acceptance.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
public_comment Optional[str]

The reason of the rejection. It is visible both to the requester and to the Toloker.


Reject all assignments if a Toloker sends responses too fast. Note, that the pool must be configured with non-automatic response acceptance.

new_pool = toloka.pool.Pool(....)
    collector=toloka.collectors.AssignmentSubmitTime(history_size=5, fast_submit_threshold_seconds=20),
    conditions=[toloka.conditions.FastSubmittedCount > 3],
    action=toloka.actions.RejectAllAssignments(public_comment='Too fast responses.')