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toloka.client.assignment.GetAssignmentsTsvParameters | Source code

    status: Optional[List[Status]] = ...,
    start_time_from: Optional[datetime] = None,
    start_time_to: Optional[datetime] = None,
    exclude_banned: Optional[bool] = None,
    field: Optional[List[Field]] = ...

Parameters for downloading assignments.

These parameters are used in the TolokaClient.get_assignments_df method.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
status Optional[List[Status]]

Statuses of assignments to download.

start_time_from Optional[datetime]

Download assignments submitted after the specified date and time.

start_time_to Optional[datetime]

Download assignments submitted before the specified date and time.

exclude_banned Optional[bool]

Exclude answers from banned Tolokers, even if their assignments have suitable status.

field Optional[List[Field]]

Names of Assignment fields to be downloaded. Fields other then from Assignment class are always downloaded.