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toloka.client.collectors.UsersAssessment | Source code

UsersAssessment(self, *, uuid: Optional[UUID] = None)

This collector helps you to reassign task suites completed by blocked Tolokers.

The collector can be used with conditions:

The collector can be used with actions:

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
uuid Optional[UUID]

The ID of a collector. Note that when you clone a pool, both pools start using the same collector, because it is not cloned. Usually, it is not an intended behavior. For example, in this case one collector gathers history size from both pools.


The example shows how to reassign rejected assignments to other Tolokers.

new_pool = toloka.pool.Pool(....)
    conditions=[toloka.conditions.PoolAccessRevokedReason == toloka.conditions.PoolAccessRevokedReason.RESTRICTION],
    action=toloka.actions.ChangeOverlap(delta=1, open_pool=True),