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    toloka.client.collectors.UsersAssessment | Source code

    UsersAssessment(self, *, uuid: Optional[UUID] = None)

    Recompletion of assignments from banned users

    If you or the system banned a performer and you want someone else to complete their tasks. This rule will help you do this automatically.

    Used with conditions:

    • PoolAccessRevokedReason - Reason for loss of access of the performer to the current pool.
    • SkillId - The performer no longer meets the specific skill filter.

    Used with actions:

    • ChangeOverlap - Increase the overlap of the set of tasks.


    How to resend rejected assignments for re-completion to other performers.

    new_pool = toloka.pool.Pool(....)
        conditions=[toloka.conditions.PoolAccessRevokedReason == toloka.conditions.PoolAccessRevokedReason.RESTRICTION],
        action=toloka.actions.ChangeOverlap(delta=1, open_pool=True),