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toloka.client.filter.Languages | Source code

    operator: InclusionOperator,
    value: Union[str, List[str]],
    verified: bool = False

Use to select users by languages specified by the user in the profile.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
operator InclusionOperator

Comparison operator in the condition. For example, for a condition "The user must be 18 years old or older» used date of birth and operator GTE («Greater than or equal»). Possible key values operator depends on the data type in the field value

value Union[str, List[str]]

Languages specified by the user in the profile (two-letter ISO code of the standard ISO 639-1 in upper case).

verified -

If set to True, only the users who have passed a language test will be selected. Currently, you can use this parameter only with the following ISO codes : DE, EN, FR, JA, PT, SV, RU, AR, ES.