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toloka.client.project.template_builder.fields.CheckboxGroupFieldV1 | Source code

    data: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    options: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[Union[BaseComponent, GroupFieldOption]]]] = None,
    disabled: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]] = None,
    preserve_false: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]] = None,
    hint: Optional[Any] = None,
    label: Optional[Any] = None,
    validation: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    version: Optional[str] = '1.0.0'

A group of options for selecting one or more responses.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
data Optional[BaseComponent]

Data with values that will be processed or changed.

options Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[Union[BaseComponent, GroupFieldOption]]]]

Options, where value is the key that the option controls, and label is the text near the option.

disabled Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]]

If `true', the options are inactive.

preserve_false Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]]

Property that specifies whether to return false values in the results. By default, if the component returns false, this result will not be added to the output. To add false to the results, specify "preserveFalse": true.

hint Optional[Any]

Hint text.

label Optional[Any]

Label above the component.

validation Optional[BaseComponent]

Validation based on condition.