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toloka.client.project.template_builder.fields.ListFieldV1 | Source code

    data: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    render: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    button_label: Optional[Any] = None,
    direction: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, ListDirection]] = None,
    editable: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]] = None,
    max_length: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, float]] = None,
    size: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, ListSize]] = None,
    hint: Optional[Any] = None,
    label: Optional[Any] = None,
    validation: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    version: Optional[str] = '1.0.0'

A component that allows a Toloker to add and remove list items, such as text fields to fill in.

This way you can allow a Toloker to give multiple answers to a question.

The list items can contain any component, including a list of other components. For example, this allows you to create a table where you can add and delete rows.

To add a new list item, the Toloker clicks the button. To remove an item, they click on the x on the right (it appears when hovering over a list item).

To prevent a Toloker from adding too many list items, set the maximum list length. You can also use the editable property to block Tolokers from changing a component, like when a certain event occurs.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
data Optional[BaseComponent]

Data with values that will be processed or changed.

render Optional[BaseComponent]

Interface template for list items, such as a text field. In nested field.* components, use data.relative for recording responses, otherwise all the list items will have the same value.

button_label Optional[Any]

Text on the button for adding list items.

direction Optional[Union[BaseComponent, ListDirection]]

The direction of the list.

editable Optional[Union[BaseComponent, bool]]

A property that indicates whether adding and removing list items is allowed. Set false to disable. By default it is true (allowed).

max_length Optional[Union[BaseComponent, float]]

Maximum number of list items.

size Optional[Union[BaseComponent, ListSize]]

The distance between list items. Acceptable values in ascending order: s, m (default).

hint Optional[Any]

Hint text.

label Optional[Any]

Label above the component.

validation Optional[BaseComponent]

Validation based on condition.