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toloka.client.project.template_builder.plugins.ImageAnnotationHotkeysPluginV1 | Source code

    cancel: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, str]] = None,
    confirm: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, str]] = None,
    labels: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[str]]] = None,
    point: Optional[str] = None,
    polygon: Optional[str] = None,
    rectangle: Optional[str] = None,
    select: Optional[str] = None,
    version: Optional[str] = '1.0.0'

Used to set hotkeys for the field.image-annotation component.

You can set hotkeys to select area types and selection modes and to confirm or cancel area creation. When setting hotkeys, you can use the up and down arrows (up,down), numbers, and Latin letters.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
cancel Optional[Union[BaseComponent, str]]

Keyboard shortcut for canceling area creation.

confirm Optional[Union[BaseComponent, str]]

Keyboard shortcut for confirming area creation.

labels Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[str]]]

Keyboard shortcuts for choosing area types. They're assigned to buttons in the order they are shown if you enabled the option to choose multiple area types.

modes Optional[Union[BaseComponent, Mode]]

Keyboard shortcuts for choosing selection modes.