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toloka.client.project.template_builder.view.LabeledListViewV1 | Source code

    items: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[Union[BaseComponent, Item]]]] = None,
    min_width: Optional[Union[BaseComponent, float]] = None,
    hint: Optional[Any] = None,
    label: Optional[Any] = None,
    validation: Optional[BaseComponent] = None,
    version: Optional[str] = '1.0.0'

Displaying components as a list with labels placed on the left.

If you don't need labels, use view.list.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
items Optional[Union[BaseComponent, List[Union[BaseComponent, Item]]]]

List items.

min_width Optional[Union[BaseComponent, float]]

The minimum width of list content. If the component width is less than the specified value, it switches to compact mode.

hint Optional[Any]

Hint text.

label Optional[Any]

Label above the component.

validation Optional[BaseComponent]

Validation based on condition.