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toloka.client.quality_control.QualityControl.CheckpointsConfig | Source code

    real_settings: Optional[Settings] = None,
    golden_settings: Optional[Settings] = None,
    training_settings: Optional[Settings] = None

Random check majority opinion.

Only some tasks are issued with a high overlap (for example, "5") and are being tested. Other tasks are issued with the overlap set in the pool settings (for example, "1") and remain without verification. Spot check saves money and speeds up pool execution.

You can reduce the frequency of checks over time.

Example settings: in the first 25 tasks completed by the Toloker in the pool, issue every fifth task with an overlap "5" to check the answers. In subsequent tasks issue each 25 task with an overlap "5".

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
real_settings Optional[Settings]

Checkpoints settings for main tasks.

golden_settings Optional[Settings]

Checkpoints settings for golden tasks.

training_settings Optional[Settings]

Checkpoints settings for train tasks.