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toloka.client.task.BaseTask | Source code

    input_values: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None,
    known_solutions: Optional[List[KnownSolution]] = None,
    message_on_unknown_solution: Optional[str] = None,
    id: Optional[str] = None,
    origin_task_id: Optional[str] = None

Base class for Task

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
input_values Optional[Dict[str, Any]]

Input data for a task. List of pairs: "<input field ID 1>": "<field value 1>", "<input field ID 1>": "<field value 2>", ... "<input field ID n>": "<field value n>"

known_solutions Optional[List[KnownSolution]]

Responses and hints for control tasks and training tasks. If multiple output fields are included in the validation, all combinations of the correct response must be specified.

message_on_unknown_solution Optional[str]

Hint for the task (for training tasks).

id Optional[str]

Task ID.

origin_task_id Optional[str]

ID of the task it was copied from.