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toloka.client.task_suite.TaskSuiteCreateRequestParameters | Source code

    operation_id: Optional[UUID] = None,
    skip_invalid_items: Optional[bool] = None,
    allow_defaults: Optional[bool] = None,
    open_pool: Optional[bool] = None,
    async_mode: Optional[bool] = True

Parameters for TaskSuite creation controlling

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
operation_id Optional[UUID]

Operation ID for asynchronous loading of task suites.

skip_invalid_items Optional[bool]

Validation parameters:

  • True - Create the task suites that passed validation. Skip the rest of the task suites.
  • False - If at least one of the task suites didn't pass validation, stop the operation and don't create the task suites.
allow_defaults Optional[bool]

Overlap settings:

  • True - Use the overlap that is set in the pool parameters.
  • False - Use the overlap that is set in the task suite parameters (in the overlap field).
open_pool Optional[bool]

Open the pool immediately after creating a task suite, if the pool is closed.

async_mode Optional[bool]

How the request is processed:

  • True — deferred. The query results in an asynchronous operation running in the background. Answer contains information about the operation (start and end time, status, number of sets).
  • False — synchronous. Answer contains information about the generated sets of tasks. You can send a maximum of 5000 task sets in a single request.