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toloka.client.user_bonus.UserBonusCreateRequestParameters | Source code

    operation_id: Optional[str] = None,
    skip_invalid_items: Optional[bool] = None

Parameters for creating bonuses for Tolokers.

Used in methods 'create_user_bonus', 'create_user_bonuses' и 'create_user_bonuses_async' of the class TolokaClient, to clarify the behavior when creating bonuses.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
operation_id Optional[str]

Operation ID. If asynchronous creation is used, by this identifier you can later get results of creating bonuses.

skip_invalid_items Optional[bool]

Validation parameters of objects:

  • True - Award a bonus if the object with bonus information passed validation. Otherwise, skip the bonus.
  • False - Default behavior. Stop the operation and don't award bonuses if at least one object didn't pass validation.