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toloka.metrics.jupyter_dashboard.Chart | Source code

    name: Optional[str],
    metrics: List[BaseMetric],

One chart on the dashboard. Could include several metrics.

If you want to draw really cool chart that displays several metrics in the same coordinates.

Parameters Description

Parameters Type Description
name Optional[str]

The header for this chart. Could be None, Chart create name from the first metric.

metrics List[BaseMetric]

List of metrics, that will be displayed on this chart (in the same coordinates).


How to display all submitted and accepted answers from some pool and its checking pool, in one chart.

    'Answers count',
        metrics.AssignmentsInPool('456', submitted_name='submitted in 456', accepted_name='accepted in 456', toloka_client=client2),

Methods Summary

Method Description
create_async_tasks None
create_figure Create figure for this chart. Called at each step.
update_metrics Gathers all metrics, and stores them in lines.