The vast amount of data on social media presents significant opportunities and challenges for utilizing it as a resource for health informatics. The aim of the Social Media Mining for Health Applications (#SMM4H) shared tasks is to take a community-driven approach to address natural language processing challenges of using social media data for health informatics, including informal, colloquial expressions of clinical concepts, noise, data sparsity, ambiguity, and multilingual posts.

In this talk, Elena Tutubalina and Ilseyar Alimova will introduce SMM4H 2020 & 2021 shared tasks and the first Russian adverse drug reaction corpus of tweets. Elena will describe three tasks on mining adverse drug effects using annotated datasets, focusing on current challenges and the imbalanced nature of the datasets. Ilseyar will describe the creation of the Russian dataset, focusing on the data collection and annotation process. At the end of the talk, the results of participants of the SMM4H shared tasks on the classification of Russian tweets will be discussed. This is joint work with the University of Pennsylvania, USA.


Elena Tutubalina
Insilico Medicine

Elena Tutubalina is a senior research scientist at Insilico Medicine. She has written her Ph.D. thesis at Kazan Federal University and defended it at the Institute for Systems Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences in 2016. Dr. Tutubalina has more than 40 papers in the NLP field, including publications in Q1 journals and on such conferences as COLING, ECIR, WSDM. She also holds an academic position at the Higher School of Economics and leads several scientific projects supported by science foundations (RSF, RFBR).

Ilseyar Alimova
Kazan Federal University

Ilseyar Alimova has written her Ph.D. thesis at Kazan Federal University and is defending it at the Institute for Systems Programming, Russian Academy of Sciences. She has more than 20 papers in the NLP field. Her main research interests are information extraction, representation learning, multilingual models. Currently, Ilseyar is looking for a job opportunity where she can put those abilities to work for a mission she is passionate about.
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Mon Aug 02 2021 12:20:50 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)