Toloka grant program

Our grant program aims to support the academic community and encourage research in the field of Responsible AI.

How can I benefit from the grant?

Recipients of the grant are awarded up to $500 in credit to fuel their research with data collected on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform. Toloka maintains an on-demand crowdforce that is always available to help you with a wide range of tasks — from simple image labeling to complex opinion-based surveys.

What research areas are supported?

Crowdsourcing may help researchers from a wide range of disciplines and we do not place any restrictions on the research areas. Here are some examples of areas that can benefit from our program, but we are open to anything interesting!

  • Artificial intelligence
    Modern Al algorithms rely on large amounts of carefully labeled data. Our crowd is ready to do the labeling work for you!
  • Theory of crowdsourcing
    The Toloka platform is based on extensive crowd science research. Our grants enable researchers to test their theoretical methods in practice.
  • Crowd management
    People are at the heart of Toloka and their well-being is our top priority. Gain insight from our pool of diverse and experienced crowd workers to develop better crowd management practices.
  • Behavioral research
    Online behavioral experiments are an appealing alternative to costly lab-based studies. You can use Toloka to recruit a large pool of subjects from all over the world.

How can I get the grant?

Our program is open to students, post-docs, faculty members, researchers from nonprofit organizations, and everyone who needs to collect data for research purposes! Awards are distributed twice a month.

  • Submit your application

    Fill out a short application form and tell us how Toloka can help to advance your research.

  • Wait for evaluation

    A team of Toloka researchers will evaluate the proposals and award the grants.

  • Get notified of your award

    We will notify award recipients shortly after the submission deadline.

Apply for the grant

Are there any commitments involved?

While awarded grants are unrestricted gifts, we have the following expectations:

  • Any publication that relies on the data collected using the awarded funds should acknowledge that the study was supported by the Toloka research grant.
  • The dataset collected in the experiment should be released publicly in the Toloka repository of datasets within 6 months after data collection ends.

Success Stories

Many research groups and startups have already used our platform to fulfill their data collection needs.

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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.