Training data
for machine learning

Take full control of your data labeling process, timeframe and quality.
Build reliable algorithms with quality datasets of any size.

Data labeling for ML models

With Toloka, you can control the accuracy of data labeling to develop high performing ML models.

  • Fastest Time-to-Result

    Launch your project in minutes with our preset solutions and 24/7 data labeling for fast results.

  • High Quality

    Place your confidence in custom-built algorithms tuned for superb data accuracy at scale.

  • True Scalability

    Unlock scalability with versatile features, a highload system, and easy integration into ML pipelines.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Pay per label with no minimums and stay under budget with significant cost savings at scale.

Data labeling
for Сomputer Vision

Our platform supports annotation for image classification, object detection and recognition, semantic segmentation, and more. Labeling tools include bounding boxes, polygons and keypoint annotation.

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Data labeling for Natural Language Processing

Our platform supports annotation for named entity recognition (NER), text classification, speech recognition, sentiment analysis, intent classification, text recognition, and more.

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Toloka offers flexible project configuration: use our presets for a faster start, or take
full control to customize your projects for the most complex labeling needs. Options
include adaptive tools and automation to develop a robust data pipeline that
evolves with you. Hands on or hands off — it's up to you.


Real-time insights

Track your projects with real-time statistics on progress, spending, quality, time spent on tasks and active users involved. Leverage detailed analytics to fine-tune as necessary and make timely decisions to optimize speed, quality and budget.

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