You can use filters to select performers for your project. Tasks will only be shown to matching performers, rather than to all of them. Properly configured filters help you send tasks to a target group of performers. As a result, you'll get your results faster and spend less money.

To select performers for a pool, click Add filter on the pool editing page.

From the drop-down list, select audience presets and filters by profile data and device specifications.


To add filters quickly, use the Audience presets or copy filters from another pool (the Copy settings from button).

All filters added to the pool are applied simultaneously. The criteria within a single filter are combined with the logical OR operator.

  1. Audience presets
  2. Skill
  3. Performer profile
  4. Calculated data
  5. What's next

Audience presets

Presets of popular filters are available for your convenience. For example, for field tasks performed in Russia, you can immediately add the Mobile Russian-speaking performers group to make tasks available to Russian-speaking users of mobile devices.

To add a set of two or three filters at once, click Add filter  → Audience presets, and select the desired set.

Russian-speaking performers

A combination of Region by phone number and Languages filters: selects performers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus who indicated knowledge of Russian in their profiles.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

A combination of Region by phone number and Region by IP filters: selects performers from Russia who use IP addresses based in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Firefox users

A combination of Region by phone number and Browser filters: selects performers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus who use Firefox.

Mobile Russian-speaking performers

A combination of Client, Region by phone number, and Languages filters: selects performers from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus who indicated in their profiles that they know Russian and who use the Toloka mobile app.

Mobile app for Android

A combination of Client and Operating system filters: selects performers who use the Toloka mobile app on Android devices.

Mobile app for iOS

A combination of Client and Operating system filters: selects performers who use the Toloka mobile app on iOS devices.

The number of performers selected by filters is shown in the Speed/quality section, in the line Task is available for N active users.


You can select performers with or without a skill and filter them by skill value.

You can use global skills as a filter to recruit performers who are good at certain types of tasks. To do this, select Add a filter → Skills → Choose a global skill and specify the restriction for the selected skill in the filter.

Examples of using a skill filter:

I need performers without a skill

Use the = operator and leave the value empty.

I need performers with a skill and the skill level doesn't matter

Use the operator and leave the value empty. For example, use this to choose performers who are already familiar with the type of tasks like those in your pool.

I need performers with a skill of a certain level
Add a filter, enter a value from 0 to 100, and use a set of operators. For example, you can select only those performers who previously completed a certain number of tasks of the type like in your pool.

I need performers with a global skill of a certain level
Add a global level filter, enter a value from 0 to 100, and use a set of operators. For example, you can select only those performers whose responses were on average better than the responses of 80% of users in similar projects.

Performer profile

Use filters from this group to select performers according to the main profile data.


Make sure to add the Languages filter and specify the language of the instructions and text in the task.

If you want to be sure that performers can read and understand the basic vocabulary, select those who passed a language test.

Adult content

If there is adult content in the pool tasks, they will only be shown to performers who have agreed to see them. To select such performers, add the Adult content filter and select the On option.


You can choose performers who live in certain cities. Use this filter for field tasks or to search for data online.


Use this filter when the performer's citizenship may affect the quality of responses, like if your project asks performers to complete a survey, transcribe audio, or search for information online. You can also use this filter to restrict performers' access to tasks.

Date of birth

Using a set of operators, you can select an age-based audience among available performers.


Add this filter if the performer's education may affect the quality of responses. Use the = or operator and select Secondary, Vocational secondary, or Higher education from the drop-down list.


You can choose performers of a certain gender if this matters for your project.


Add this filter to restrict the audience by region.


Use this filter if you need additional guarantees when selecting performers. Your tasks will only be available to performers whose personal details are verified in Toloka.

Calculated data

Use filters from this group to select performers by rating in Toloka, device or browser type, and software versions.

Performer rating

Each performer in Toloka has a rating. Toloka calculates it based on the quality of the performer's responses and their activity on the platform.

Add the Performer rating filter, enter the appropriate number in the Value field, and use a set of operators to select performers with the desired rating.


Use this filter if your tasks are intended for users with certain web browsers.

Device type

If the type of the performer's device matters, use the = and operators to set the requirements. For example, a smart watch isn't suitable for performing tasks like Side-by-side image comparison.


This filter indicates whether to publish your project tasks in the Toloka mobile app.

Note. By default, tasks are only published in the web version of the platform.

If your project has field tasks, you need to select Mobile Toloka users among the performers.

To make a task available only in mobile apps, add the filter Client = Mobile Toloka.

Tasks can be run simultaneously in the web version and mobile app: to do this, add the filter Client = Toloka web version and Client = Mobile Toloka.

Operating system

Add this filter to select users of certain operating systems.

Tip. To choose the most popular desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows, and Linux), add the Operating system filter three times and set the following values using the = operator: OS_X, WINDOWS, and LINUX.
Region by IP

To make a task available to users with IP addresses of a particular region, add the Region by IP filter and enter the region name. This is useful for field tasks.

Region by phone number

To more effectively choose performers by location, add the Region by phone filter.

Type of client application

Select this filter if the browser type determines whether performers match your project tasks (for example, you want them to complete field tasks in the Toloka mobile app or to check how links are displayed in a mobile browser).

Client application and OS versions

Use this filter if you need to assign tasks to performers with particular app or OS versions (for example, if you are starting a software testing project or you know that your tasks can't be completed with some OS versions).

The product (app or OS) version is indicated by a number, for example, in AAA.BBB.CCC format, where:

  • AAA stands for the major version of a product that includes major and sometimes fundamental changes to the product.
  • BBB is a minor version of the product that usually includes minor changes and improvements.
  • CCC is a bugfix version of the product build in which bugs are fixed.

You can select performers with the full product version by specifying it in AAA.BBB.CCC format, or specify any part of the version.

Choose how you want to filter performers by software version:

Add filters
  • Client application versions
  • OS versions
Add filters
  • Client application bugfix version
  • OS bugfix version
  • Client application major version
  • OS major version
  • Client application minor version
  • OS minor version

What's next


Why can't I find the performer's gender in the user data, although I can filter people by this attribute in the pool settings?

Requesters can't see the full details about specific performers. So you can't see information like the date of birth, gender, last name, or first name. However, you can use filters by date of birth and gender (in the pool settings). This way you can select a group of performers without accessing the personal information of individual performers. This decreases the risk of user de-anonymization.

Can I set up a task to display it to users with certain demographic and geo parameters? For example, “Moscow only, 30-45 years old”.

You can do that. To select performers for the pool, use filters.

Can I add an arbitrary user as a performer, if their rating is not high enough?

If the user mismatches your preset filter or rating level, they can't see the task. You can only remove the restricting filter from the pool. You can test the task in the Sandbox by adding the desired user to your trusted list.

Can I somehow limit the number of users that can take tasks from the pool at the same time?

Tasks from an open pool are available to every user that matches your pool filters. You can restrict access, like by using a skill.

Can I select performers from a specific city of residence or is the only option “Region by IP”?

Yes, you can do that. In the filters, select Profile → City. Please note that the profile data is entered by the user when they register in Toloka. We recommended that you use the filters Region by phone number and Region by IP.

Can I use a skill beyond a particular pool or project and apply it to other projects as well?

Yes, of course — you can use the same skill for different projects. But most often, a skill is intended for a specific project. If the performer completes a certain task well, this doesn't mean that they will complete other ones successfully. Another disadvantage is that if you filter by skills that were set long ago, you will artificially limit the number of available performers.

I want to calculate a skill based on performance in multiple projects. Is that possible? If it is, can I use “Aggregation by skill”?

If you mean multiple different projects, you can't do that.

You can merge all the projects into one and use History size in the quality control rules. See examples in the Control tasks post.

You can use Aggregation by skill, but you'll need to list all the possible values, which is probably not the best choice. Perhaps you'll find another method of aggregation helpful.

Why might aggregation of assignments by performer skill be unavailable? The pool doesn't use dynamic overlap. The output field is a variable with a Boolean value.

Perhaps the output fields you want to aggregate don't have valid values in your project. For now, you have to specify the possible values for every type of output fields.

Are there any easy ways to assign a certain user a skill in Toloka, even if the user didn't do any tasks (like I can do in the Sandbox)?

In the main Toloka version, you can only assign a skill to users who have completed at least one of your tasks. There is no option to assign a skill to an arbitrary user. To limit the audience of users who will see your project, use filters. For example, specify the city, date of birth, gender, or some other parameters of your target performers.

The performers completed training for the first pool and got the skill. A week later, we cloned the pool, but all the users lost their skill. Which parameter affects skill expiration? Do all the performers need to complete the training again?
The validity period of the training skills is controlled by the Retry after parameter. The skill is deleted after a period specified in days in the Retry after field, if the performer:
  • Has a skill value lower than the one specified in the Level required field.
  • Didn't complete any tasks linked to training during this period.

Your users will need to be trained again.

Can I select specific performers for my tasks because I liked their results in my previous pools?

You can assign a skill to these people based on their performance in the previous pools. Use this skill as a filter in the new pool.

How do I set up a filter so that the pool is available to users who don't have a specific skill (like a “spammer”)?

Specify this skill as a filter, but leave the value field empty (this is equivalent to absence of the skill).

How can I raise the skill value for a user, if they already have the skill?

If the user already has a given skill, you can't add the same skill to them from the task review interface. You can open the user's profile and edit the skill value.

Can Toloka users see that they were assigned a skill?

If it's a public or training skill, they see it and they get a message about it.

Can I show a skill in the task interface?

There is no such option. If the skill is public, the performer sees it in their profile.

How do I automatically assign skills based on user responses to my questions?
You can do that using the Control tasks rule.
  1. Upload the task file using Smart mixing.
  2. Specify student as the correct answer to the question. Don't take other questions into account (leave the fields empty or unselected).
  3. Add the Control tasks rule to the pool: if the percentage of correct control answers = 100, then set the skill value Student = 1.
See the screenshot
How do I make the task available not only from desktops, but also from mobile devices?
To make your task also available in the mobile app, set up the following filter in your pool:
Client = web version or       = mobile Toloka
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Why is my project not available in the mobile version of Toloka?

To make your task available in the mobile app, set up the filter: client = mobile Toloka in your pool.