List of helpers

Use the components named helpers.* to implement various operations, for example, with the if-then-else conditions or switch-case structure.

  • helper.concat-arrays. Merging multiple arrays into a single array.

  • helper.entries2object. Creating an object from a specified array of key-value pairs.

  • helper.if. The If...Then...Else operator. Allows you to execute either one block of code or another, depending on the condition.

  • helper.join. The component combines two or more strings into one. You can add a delimiter to separate the strings, such as a space or comma.

  • helper.object2entries. Creating an array of key-value pairs from the specified object.

  • helper.replace. Allows you to replace some parts of the string with others.

  • Component for creating a string with a search query reference.

  • helper.switch. A switch-case construction: sequentially checks the conditions and executes the code when the condition turns out to be true.

  • helper.text-transform. Allows you to change the case of the text, like make all letters uppercase.

  • helper.transform. Creates a new array by transforming each of the elements in the original array.

  • helper.translate. Component for translating interface elements to other languages. More details in Translating the task interface.

  • helper.proxy. You can use this component to download files from Yandex.Disk.