Analyzing dental X-rays with computer vision
Daniil Polyakov used Toloka to label data for his master’s thesis at MIPT.
Interactive human subject experiments
Philipp Chapkovsky used Toloka to run interactive human subject experiments.
Comparing logos for Toloka's rebranding
Toloka launched a full-scale rebrand and revealed a new logo and brand identity.
Labeling human faces for a Japanese startup
Toloka’s partner Roman Kucev helped a Japanese startup label human faces in 34,000 images from TV shows.
Spatial crowdsourcing with Toloka-Kit
Toloka-Kit is used to collect field data, monitor prices, and send mystery shoppers to stores.
Crowdsourcing translation: AliExpress
AliExpress turned to Toloka for crowdsourcing-based solutions for their localization problems.
Digitizing paperwork with Handl
Handl is using Toloka to achieve the ideal quality of document recognition and scale their unique paperwork automation platform.
Spatial crowdsourcing to find the BestPlace
BestPlace uses Toloka to collect geographical business data for predicting local shopping patterns.
Rating search results in Ozon
Ozon creates reference samples to evaluate search quality, find the best ranking model, and improve search algorithms using ML.
Monitoring social media 
Toloka helps Yandex analyze social media and web mentions non-stop so the team can respond promptly when needed. 
Using Toloka to search for missing people
Toloka teamed up with the Liza Alert volunteer search-and-rescue team to find missing people by checking aerial images of remote areas.
Raising awareness about waste disposal
Tolokers rated 74,686 trash container sites to raise awareness about problems with garbage disposal.
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