What’s behind our guaranteed results
Toloka offers a diverse set of ready-to-use tools for data labeling to get your project off the ground in record time.

Our solutions incorporate advanced quality control methods and aggregation tools, autolabeling and verification, and a curated crowd of performers — all supported by our high-performing infrastructure for reliable fault tolerance and security.

Multifaceted quality control
When it comes to quality control, there is no silver bullet — which is why Toloka uses different combinations of approaches to achieve the best quality for each project:
  • Crowd filters (language, interests, real-time ranking, and more)
  • Task-based crowd training and testing
  • Manual quality checks, spot checking
  • Automated quality checks (majority vote, excluding fast responses and robots, and more)
Intelligent crowd technologies
Diverse global
Millions of performers across every time zone for non-stop labeling and instant scaling, with support for 40+ languages. Verified performers are also available for extra-sensitive data.
Smart performer
Performers are matched to tasks with personalized rankings based on their interests, skills, and history of performance in similar tasks for optimal speed and quality.
Adaptive performer selection
The best performers are automatically selected in real-time using personalized quality forecasts that can predict individual performance on a specific task.
Autolabeling & verification
Automated prelabeling is available to increase throughput and eliminate random errors with continuous training. Results are verified by human performers for guaranteed quality. Contact us if you are interested.
State-of-the-art aggregation tools

Toloka integrates a full range of aggregation tools, from classic categorical aggregation to advanced algorithms for every possible scenario, including pairwise comparisons and non-categorical text and image segmentation. See the Crowd-Kit library for a full list.

Efficient labeling tools
Good labeling interfaces are essential for getting fast, high-quality labels. Our interface templates cover a wide range of data labeling scenarios that are easy to tweak for your project’s needs.
Template Builder
for quick adjustments
Handy JSON-like interface editor with code snippets
and real-time preview.
Workspace SDK for JavaScript
interfaces from scratch
Full flexibility to support everything from basic forms to advanced 3D labeling tools for computer vision.
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