Why Toloka App Services?

When you choose Toloka App Services, we take care of everything – from setting up your project to quality control. All you need to do is collect your labeled data. This solution is perfect if you want to save time, steer clear of project management, and leave all technical supervision and quality control to the experienced professionals. Our purposely built delivery pipelines will give you unprecedented quality in record time.
What you can count on
Unbeatable Quality
We select the performers best suited for your task, keep accuracy in check, and use our custom-built algorithms to bring you the highest possible labeling quality.
Instant Launch
If you submit a short description of your task and some examples, it will take no more than 30 minutes to launch your labeling project.
Minimal Effort
You don’t need to invest time in supervising your project to get your data expertly labeled.
How it works
Get to your goals quickly and easily with our user-friendly interface and API.
Set up project
Name your project, choose appropriate language, and configure basic parameters.
Prepare instructions
Submit a set of concise instructions for our crowd performers and provide clear examples of how you want your data to be labeled.
Send in examples and data
Give clear examples of how you want your data to be labeled and upload your unlabeled data.
Collect results
Receive your labeled data set – you will be notified when it’s ready.
Available apps
Our solution is ideal for classification of images, videos, webpages, and text, as well as information extraction from websites and object selection. We will be adding even more apps on a regular basis.
Get started now
Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and expansive industry experience.
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