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Explore the world of non-WEIRD samples.
Check out our new ready-to-go template for academic Qualtrics-based surveys.

  • Your empirical evidence is only as great as the sample it's based on
    Running research on white college students is not cool anymore — but neither is running it on the so-called WEIRD samples. If you want your results to be generalizable, your research to be truly unbiased, you need more than American samples.
  • At Toloka, we're committed to serving the academic community
    For years, Toloka has served the global computer science and machine learning community, driving  and unbiased data generation for AI. This year, Toloka is proud to offer its perks to social scientists.

Meet Toloka's diverse global crowd

Toloka boasts over 245,000 diverse participants in 123 world countries. Psychology researchers now have access to . They were responsibly selected with regards to number of active users and local federal minimum wages.

Top countries
Pakistan, Brazil, India, Philippines, Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Colombia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Viet Nam, South Africa, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Peru, Argentina, Myanmar, Ghana, Tunisia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and more

Reaching diverse and global samples has never been easier

All you need is a survey created in Qualtrics and approved by your institution's IRB. Got it already? Lucky you, the hardest part of the job is done. 
The part with Toloka is really easy. Just go ahead and:

  • Step 0.
    Create a requester account in Toloka.
  • Step 1.
    Use a grant received at MPA to top up your account or just top it up with your own funds.
  • Step 2.
    To get to the special ready-to-go solution for Qualtrics-based surveys, follow this link. Another way to get there is to click 'Create project', scroll down to 'Industries', find 'Research' and pick a template depending on your survey length.
  • Step 3.
    Provide the study title. Paste your Qualtrics survey link. Select up to 80 countries and choose your sample size. 
  • Step 4.
    Embed a chunk of code at the end of your Qualtrics survey. We provide a step-by-step guide right in the interface.
  • Step 5.
    Launch your first survey! It's really that easy. Prepare to be amazed at how quickly the data starts coming in.

Apply for a grant

This year, Toloka is giving away 50 small student grants and 25 faculty grants. Get your feet wet with collecting cross-cultural survey data. All we ask for in return is feedback on your user experience.

Five facts about Toloka

Our commitment to ethical data collection

What we do to protect our global community of Tolokers from exploitation:

  • We respect federal minimum wages of the countries Tolokers reside in
    The average minimum wage in the countries we feature is $1.04 per hour. Our pre-set survey prices are about 1.5 times higher. Even after our (small) platform commissions, Tolokers can still make money that matters to them.
  • We pre-set the survey prices
    The survey price is based on the approximate survey timing: short, medium, or long. We factor in the minimum wage in the available countries. This is one way we prevent exploitation of disadvantaged communities.
  • We don't let you reject submissions
    As much as we in academia are used to our submissions being rejected, that's not what our Tolokers signed up for! Once the completion code is submitted, the respondent gets paid. You can still control the quality of your data by introducing smart flow in your Qualtrics survey with embedded attention checks.
Join us in our effort to create an ethical data collection environment!

Any questions? Talk to us.

Amina Abieva
PhD in Comparative PoliticsProject Manager at TolokaEmail me with feedback or ideas
Alena Johnson
M.S. in LinguisticsHead of Education Group at Toloka

Toloka is supported 24/7. Contact us via chat right in the interface, submit a support request, or just email us.

Countries available in this release

Countries are sorted by the average number of active performers. Some countries on this list have federal minimum wage regulations.
Toloka academic surveys feature pre-set prices that meet or exceed those requirements.

Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Tunisia, Cameroon, Zambia, Cote d'Ivoire, Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Benin, Togo, Burkina‐Faso, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Mali, Botswana, Somali, Congo, Rwanda, Angola, NamibiaBrazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Haiti, Panama, Honduras, Uruguay, Nicaragua, El SalvadorPakistan, India, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Kirghizstan, Sri Lanka, Tadjikistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Singapore, PalestineMoldova, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina