Toloka Global Community: Join, Learn, and Contribute

Sure, there’s a lot to like about earning with Toloka. It’s safe, it’s clean, there’s no office politics. It pays on time and the hours are as flexible as it gets. And yet, you may wonder: why would anyone pay you to do these tasks?

Mar 20th 2022
More tasks on mobile: Toloka’s new default setting

We’re introducing a new setting – all tasks created in Toloka will automatically become available both in browsers and in the mobile apps. We believe this way, Tolokers will have easier access to more tasks, which will also benefit the requesters. Read on to find out about this important change and how it will affect you.

Dec 7th 2021
Tolokers from around the globe: a camping enthusiast and a book lover share their stories

We continue our special series about one of Toloka’s most prized assets – our invaluable crowd performers, aka Tolokers, whose efforts make data labeling prompt, accurate, and sought-after by our clients.

Sep 21st 2021
Toloka's Three Muskateers: Stories from Around the Globe

Tolokers hail from all over the globe, from a multitude of age groups and occupations. Here we have three personal stories to share from Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

May 27th 2021
Searching for Missing People with Toloka

Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year worldwide, and there are many unseen heroes working hard to prevent tragic endings to their stories. At Toloka, we know how technology can benefit people in communication, business, and quality of life — and we also believe that technology can help bring people home. Toloka now offers a way to contribute to search efforts: we have teamed up with the Liza Alert volunteer search-and-rescue team to find missing people. As part of the process, Tolokers can check aerial images for signs of people to boost searches in progress.

Mar 25th 2021
Tolokers: Portrait of a Crowd

The Toloka crowdsourcing platform helps process large amounts of data by distributing tasks to a large pool of users — we call them Tolokers.

Feb 25th 2021
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