Mar 30th 2022
Toloka Team

Hi there!

We’d like to talk about some key updates Toloka has released over the past few months. But let’s start with you.

Tolokers come in all different shapes and sizes

We make sure we send out a huge survey to Tolokers every year. This time, we heard back from 10,000 of you. Here’s what we found out.

There are more than 245,000 people doing tasks in Toloka right now, and that’s a 20% leap forward from last year. Tolokers represent all kinds of ethnicities, ages, genders, educational backgrounds, religions, cultures, and languages. Today’s Tolokers range from 18 to 70 years of age, they live in 202 different countries, they belong to over 600 ethnicities, and they speak 800+ different languages. With that wealth of diversity, the platform is a powerful tool driving artificial intelligence that’s free of bias and prejudice.

The survey told us that more than 80% of Tolokers are fans of the platform. Most appreciate its flexibility: Tolokers like being able to pick out projects for themselves, to “help out their spouse with everyday expenses” or just “set something aside for themselves” even when at home taking care of the kids. Many say the platform helps them “brush up on what they learned at school” and “stimulate logical and intellectual faculties.”

For 18% of you, Toloka is your main source of income. But a lot of you are on the platform for other reasons too. For example, there’s making the world better and playing a role in cutting-edge technology and the world’s newest achievements.

A brave new world for Tolokers

The Toloka product team works tirelessly to make the platform faster and easier to use. Here’s what we’ve come up with over the past few months:

  • We localized Toloka into 15 languages, unlocking tasks for ever more Tolokers around the world.
  • We integrated Google Maps and pedestrian areas across the globe so Tolokers can better pick up nearby tasks.
  • We unveiled the Favorites tab for all those tasks and projects that have a special place in your heart.
  • For a few months now, you’ve been able to use Toloka from anywhere, including home, cafes, and even parks, as even more tasks are now available on mobile devices in addition to the desktop version.
  • You can now report problems with a task, something like unclear instructions or a form that won’t send, and those reports are sent to the requester.
  • The Toloka desktop version now features a star-based rating system where you can quickly tell us what you think about the platform and let the developers know how they’re doing.

Want to give us a piece of your mind or share an idea for how to make Toloka better? Take our small survey and get a bonus to your Toloka account.

A lot of that would never have happened without all you Tolokers. But the most important thing we’ve done together at Toloka has been to help save lives.


Toloka and Liza Alert

Last year, Toloka joined forces with Liza Alert, a search-and-rescue volunteer organization that has been finding missing people in different countries for the past eleven years. After volunteers load drone pictures onto the platform, thousands of Tolokers pore over them to pick people out. That helps the Liza Alert teams get up-to-the-minute information on where to find their missing people. In 2021, Tolokers:

  • Handled 214 missing person requests from Liza Alert, reviewing 330,591 drone shots and finding more than 49,000 people in them.
  • Saved volunteers in Los Angeles 330 work days. Every 500 pictures loaded onto Toloka save 3-5 volunteers a total of 4-8 total hours.

The Toloka news spreads

TechTimes included Toloka in this year’s list of data labeling organizations that are having a positive impact on society. Another authoritative tech outlet, VentureBeat, called Toloka one of the most socially responsible labeling platforms available. As we’re proud of the recognition that brings us in professional circles, we’d like to thank all of you Tolokers for the invaluable role you play in our shared accomplishments.

Let’s keep going together: join our Facebook group to stay in touch. There are all kinds of fascinating, impactful projects on the horizon!

All the best, The Toloka team

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