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Let’s build the future of AI together!

Transforming AI with human insights

  • Fast-growing business
    We are at the bleeding edge of the fast-growing AI data production market. Join us now as we become key players in a major new industry.
  • Positive social impact
    Toloka strives to empower people worldwide with flexible opportunities to earn extra income. Our Tolokers decide when, where, and what kind of data labeling tasks they want to complete.
  • Global scientific community
    We are developing new fields and creating new professions — work in the heart of the global Crowd Scientist and Crowd Solution Architect community and help transform AI with data solutions.

Who we are

  • 24/7 data production
    15 million tasks are completed 
    daily by Tolokers in over 100 countries.
  • Global customers
    Our clients are global leaders in IT, banking, 
    e-commerce, and many other industries.
  • Cutting-edge technologies
    We share our research and methods in workshops at NAACL, NeurIPS, WWW '21 and other conferences.

More about Toloka

Watch our talks at top data science conferences, read about our Tolokers in our blog, and get a brief overview of the platform in our quick start presentation.

Join the Toloka Team

Let’s build the future of AI together!