Powering AI with 
human insight

A data-centric environment to support fast and scalable AI development 
with the help of human insight.

AI solutions with human input

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    Large Language Models

    Human feedback to develop, fine-tune, and evaluate LLMs tailored to your needs

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    Data annotation with LLMs

    LLMs with human-in-the-loop for streamlined data annotation pipelines

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    Automated solutions for content moderation, powered by AI and humans, for any data types

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    E-commerce services

    Human-assisted AI understands your customers better to improve the shopping experience and boost GMV

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    Enhanced site search

    AI technologies and human feedback to optimize your search engine for a better user experience

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    Computer vision

    Efficient data annotation for image classification, object detection and recognition, instance segmentation, and more

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Success story: Hugging Face and ServiceNow

Engineered for real-world AI

Toloka supports a community of data scientists, ML engineers, researchers, and AI innovators 
around the globe to accelerate machine learning with better data processes

"We were excited with Toloka's speed – 14 categories of personal sensitive information were annotated from 12,000 code files within just 4 days."
ML Engineer
"We use Toloka to extract better signals from the data for NER and search relevance evaluation. The support from Toloka is excellent."
Head of Data Science Hub
"We collaborated with Toloka to enrich an e-commerce dataset with high-quality human-generated image descriptions in German."
"Toloka is our source for a continual stream of data for large-scale projects. We collected the world's largest database of 200,000 unique photos and videos."
Science Director and Co-founder
Trusted by leading ML&AI teams
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Covering the entire ML lifecycle

  • Data collection
  • Data processing
    Store, process 
    and clean data
  • Data annotation
  • Data analysis
  • Model training, deployment, and evaluation
  • Model monitoring

Sophisticated solutions built on data + ML

Human-labeled data

  • 40+ languages, 100+ countries
  • Full cycle of working with data: from collection to processing
  • Any data type: image, text, video, audio
  • Access our crowd 24/7. Filter by language, location, age and gender to better fit your objectives
  • Expert AI trainers for LLM production
Human-labeled data

ML models

  • Ready-to-use pretrained models
  • Large language models (LLMs) to accelerate solutions
  • New models developed on request for your specific task
  • Automated performance monitoring with human oversight
  • Human-in-the-loop flows for model evaluation and retraining
ML models

Put human 
insight at the 
core of your AI

  • Accelerate experiments
    with human-labeled data 
    and fast data turnaround
  • Scale your projects
    with high-performance tools 
    and unlimited crowd power
  • Auto-tune ML models
    and monitor in production 
    with human feedback
  • Integrate
    with end-to-end 
    ML pipelines

Why Toloka

With 10+ years of industry experience, we have the technologies and infrastructure 
to combine ML and the human crowd for best-in-class data labeling

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