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Accelerate your
e-commerce AI
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International e-commerce platform based in China
  • Russian website launched in 2019 to become the most popular online retailer in Russia
  • 9 million daily visitors and over 100 million items for sale


Needed to improve translations of product descriptions in online catalog
  • Inaccurate translations were negatively affecting business
  • Standard quality checks were time-consuming and didn’t produce results
  • Inefficient management of translation process with multiple projects


New approach uses our crowd of Tolokers to validate translations
  1. For a given phrase, each Toloker chooses the best translation from multiple options or suggests their own version
  2. New variants are added and sent to more Tolokers to check
  3. A translation is approved when the majority of Tolokers choose it

Bonus: The streamlined process performs well for running multiple projects in parallel


Business impact

Superior process delivers improved efficiency
  • 17% budget reduction for the translation process
  • Optimal translation quality with low potential for mistranslations
  • Faster results with less effort to launch the process

“Thanks to Toloka, we’re able to run numerous data projects on a regular basis. What we gain is a dependable approach to data labeling that we utilize in machine learning models, offline metrics, and content creation and monitoring.”

– Andrei Olkhovik, Crowd Solutions Architect, AliExpress

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