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Accelerate your
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AI-powered geo analytical tool for retail
  • App helps retailers and suppliers choose new store locations with end-to-end visibility of consumer patterns in a neighborhood
  • Data is collected and analyzed for over 40 patterns, such as transportation in the area, surrounding stores, number of households and cars, etc.
  • Clients include large retailers like Leroy Merlin and PepsiCo


Issues with data collection and accuracy
  • Automated solutions extracted data from online maps and other sources
  • App accuracy was only 60% due to outdated data
  • Clients needed better accuracy for reliable predictions


Tolokers collect publicly available information about local neighborhoods
  1. Up to 50,000 Tolokers complete field tasks at relevant locations
  2. Verified data and current photos are uploaded to the system
  3. BestPlace uses the up-to-date information to improve machine learning algorithms

Business impact

30% improvement in app accuracy with new data collection process
  • App accuracy now reaches 80–95%, depending on the client’s industry
  • Clients can review photos along with analytics for recommended locations
  • New results are a game-changer that enable clients to make informed decisions

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