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Expanded product coverage 
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Accelerate your
e-commerce AI
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Online marketplace with a huge assortment
  • The platform offers 1.3 million products from 7,000 partners
  • 6 million daily users


Monitor product catalogs and prices of other major retailers
  • Need to continually update information on competitor products and dynamically adjust pricing strategy
  • Automated algorithms for price extraction were under-performing


Efficient labeling pipeline integrated into existing process
  1. Pipeline designed to integrate Toloka into the company’s existing solution for dynamic pricing
  2. Tolokers evaluated the quality of automated product matching and identified incorrect matches to improve quality
  3. Tolokers used on demand to find additional products on competitor websites in priority categories
  4. Automated pre-labeling to optimize speed and budget

Business impact

2.5% better coverage of key products
  • Toloka budget was focused on priority categories of products with the greatest business value
  • Coverage of these categories expanded by 2.5% compared to using automated solutions and in-house annotators
  • Ongoing improvements to labeling accuracy and speed over time

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