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How it works

  • Take a few minutes to sign up. It's totally free!
  • Complete a quick training set to learn how to do a particular type of task
  • Pick the task you want to do on your computer or in the mobile app
  • Carefully read the instructions and complete the assignment
  • Withdraw your earnings from the Toloka account with one of our fast and secure methods
  • Tell your friends about Toloka and get a referral bonus

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Choose short tasks, do them whenever you want, and earn money



“Toloka is easy to use and intuitive. I spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour on tasks at home and when I am on duty, especially at night. It has helped me to gain skills that I never knew I could learn so easily. I accumulate money I earn online in Toloka on my account and then use it for my spare time.”




“I earn extra money with Toloka when I am at home, and spend about 4 hours a day doing small tasks. The money I earn online is used to pay for my studies. The platform is practical and reliable. Also, it develops my skills: I have learned to compare pages, check products.”




“With Toloka I can generate some extra income. I use money to buy subscriptions to streaming services. It has helped me entertain myself in those moments when I don't have much to do. The tasks are not complicated at all and are quick to complete.”

Get paid for completing short online tasks!

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“It’s motivating to get paid for something that I like. I like it that there are different kinds of tests and different topics, you’re never bored. I earn extra money with Toloka for half an hour or one hour a day. I usually happens on my way to the gym, in the gym and at home while I’m watching TV.”




“With Toloka I’ve learned the way the companies are using AI. The platform is easy to use. For me, it’s a simple way to connect and make extra money. Take your time to learn and improve your skills and find the tasks you are good at.”




“Toloka educates me and helps to earn money for personal upkeep and paying the rent. I do tasks during the breaks, at least for 2 hours a day. I think it is the best platform to hustle from, it pays bills.”




“I use the money I make online with Toloka to pay for my car. I am still exploring this platform and doing them at home. If you consider becoming a toloker, maximize your time on tasks and earn some money with Toloka.”




“It gives me a chance to make some money online and do something meaningful during my free time. Platform is simple to navigate. I spend 1-2 hours a day at home or during breaks. I advise every toloker to read all the questions and information given carefully.”



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“I do Toloka everywhere and anytime when I have free time at least for one hour a day. It’s good to use this platform in my free time to gain new skills. I use money I earned online in Toloka for my personal purchases.”




“Toloka helps me with some extra money. I’ll use that extra cash to buy some games for my console. The platform is easy to use. I do tasks in my free time at home for up to 2 hours a day and I advise everyone who joins the platform to dedicate about an hour per day to earn extra cash.”




“Toloka provides an extra source of income. I use money I earn online for personal expenses. I do tasks mostly at home. The tasks are well defined and instructions are pretty clear. Do the tasks carefully and follow the instructions: that helps to get more skills and rewards.”

Easy withdrawals

If you need help withdrawing earned money, visit our help page

Why Toloka

  • Opportunity. Open to anyone, no special skills needed
  • Flexibility. Pick the tasks you like and monetize your free time
  • Convenience. Cash out earnings any time, $0.02 minimum withdrawal
  • Motivation. Develop your skills and unlock new tasks and rewards
  • Support. Our support team is here to guide you at every step

Choose the tasks you want to do

Outline objects

Draw boxes around objects in images


Search for information

Find information online on various topics


Take photos

Upload photos of places or objects


Rate search results

Check if the search result matches the request


Moderate content

Make sure comments and images are appropriate


Transcribe audio

Listen to audio files and type the text


Categorize content

Sort text or images by quality, theme and other criteria


Compare images

Choose pictures that best match the description


Take surveys

Share your opinion on various topics


Record voice

Make voice samples using the given text


Check chatbot answers

Make sure that chatbot responses are appropriate


Verify locations

Gather data about businesses, such as location or services


Your questions answered

  • Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform that helps process large amounts of data by distributing tasks to a large number of people who do small tasks. Client companies, or requesters, create tasks on the Toloka platform and set the reward for them, while Tolokers choose tasks, complete them and earn money online. The task is paid when it’s completed correctly.
  • You can help classify images, transcribe audio recordings, moderate comments, complete focus group surveys, and so on. The resulting data can be used for training machine learning algorithms, research, or other purposes.
  • Yes, you get paid in US dollars for completing online tasks. To withdraw money, you need to choose one of the withdrawal methods and register in the payment system. Don't try to withdraw money until you are sure that your account has been confirmed in the payment system.
  • The amount of the reward will vary depending on task complexity, the skill level, and availability of tasks in the Toloker’s region. However, it is possible to make more than $100 extra cash monthly.
  • You can create an account on Toloka right now by visiting the Get started page. After filling in your personal profile, you can start finding your way around and taking the first training tasks and earning money online. However, keep in mind that it’s better to complete some training tasks to get access to the tasks with higher rewards.
  • In Toloka you do not commit to any fixed hours or minimum time spent on the platform. Some Tolokers do tasks for as much or as little as 30 mins daily. You get paid for doing some tasks. However, you need to read the user agreement carefully.
  • Sure, you can download a Toloka app to earn extra cash on the go. However, it is more convenient to complete some tasks on the larger screen of a desktop or laptop computer. You have a single account for the web version of the platform and for the mobile app, so either way, you get paid for doing tasks to a single account.
  • We don’t charge you anything for doing tasks on your platform. However, the third-party payment platforms might charge a fee for withdrawing your earnings. Please read their terms and conditions carefully.
  • The availability of tasks depends on your region, skills and the overall number of tasks created by the authors. Sometimes you can complete all the tasks available to you. In that case, just come back later for new tasks. Here are some easy tips to get more tasks and earn more extra money in Toloka.
    1. Provide accurate information about yourself during the registration process
    2. Take training tasks and exams that help you to get new skills and gain access to new projects
    3. Make sure you are careful and concentrate while performing tasks online
  • You need no formal education and you learn as you go. What is really necessary to be a successful Toloker and earn more money online, is to concentrate and be careful. Read the instructions carefully, complete training tasks and grow skills.

Get paid for completing short online tasks!

Earn extra cash by doing microtasks like comparing images or rating search results.
You can do it from anywhere, whether you're on the go or relaxing at home.

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