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AI development

Your one-stop data labeling platform. Fast data iterations and easy scaling
to support AI/ML development.

Real value to drive your AI

Get data insights fast — at a fraction of the cost.

  • Fastest Time-to-Result

    Reduce time to labeled data from days to minutes with the largest global crowd available 24/7.

  • High Quality

    Place your confidence in state-of-the-art technologies for superb data accuracy at scale.

  • True Scalability

    Unlock scalability with versatile features, a highload system, and easy integration into ML pipelines.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Pay as you go and stay under budget with significant cost savings at scale and no data minimums.

Versatile use cases

Pre-set data labeling pipelines for a wide variety of use cases and diverse data types, with no data minimums.


Unleash the potential of AI

Designed by engineers for engineers, Toloka supports data-related processes across the entire machine learning lifecycle — from data labeling to model monitoring.
  • Self-service data labeling platform with access to a global crowd to prepare human-labeled training data for machine learning models
  • Enterprise-level data labeling solutions, automated pre-labeling, custom datasets, and other services on request
  • Flexible data collection and data annotation tools that adapt to any use case, including computer vision, object detection with bounding boxes, natural language processing, semantic segmentation, image and text classification, video data, and collecting raw data
  • Adaptive ML models, model hosting and deployment, and model evaluation and maintenance with human-in-the-loop workflows

How Toloka’s diverse and global crowd gives you better training data

The machine learning world is realizing the need for data collected from the widest possible demographic. Otherwise, AI learns to mimic the biases of a narrow group of people.

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