Powering AI with
human insight

A data-centric environment to support fast and scalable AI development
with the help of human insight.

Put human insight at
the core of your AI

  • Accelerate experiments
    with human-labeled data
    and fast data turnaround
  • Scale your projects
    with high-performance tools
    and unlimited crowd power
  • Auto-tune ML models
    and monitor in production
    with human feedback
  • Integrate
    with end-to-end
    ML pipelines

Covering the entire
ML lifecycle


Human-labeled ground truth data for training AI/ML models

ML Models

Enterprise-level models tuned to solve problems in specific domains

  • Data collection
  • Data processing

    Store, process and clean data

  • Data annotation
  • Data analysis
  • Model training, deployment,
    and evaluation
  • Model monitoring

Our products and open source libraries

Data labeling and collection platform

Our platform is purpose-built for scaling and acceleration to meet any data labeling demands.

  • Support for any type of data and task
  • On-demand access to our diverse global crowd
  • Flexible annotation tools: use our templates or design your own with code and no-code interface editors
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Adaptive AutoML

Our models are ready to use out of the box and adapt to fit your data.
  • Pre-trained on large datasets with human verification for high accuracy
  • Automated performance monitoring with human oversight to detect data drift
  • Available via API with low latency for model predictions
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ML platform

Our ML platform accelerates model tuning and deployment.
  • Versioning for models and datasets
  • Visualizations, reports and diffs
  • Python API for access from any environment
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Powerful open API

Our open source libraries for Python and Java provide API access to all the features of the Toloka data labeling platform.

  • Toloka-Kit is a Python library for working with Toloka via API. It allows you to build scalable and fully automated human-in-the-loop ML pipelines and integrate them into your processes.
  • Toloka-Java-SDK allows working with API functionality using JVM-based languages.

Tools for labeled data

Crowd-Kit is an open source Python library that simplifies working with crowdsourced data.

  • Aggregation methods for categorical, pairwise, textual, and segmentation responses
  • Metrics for evaluating uncertainty, consistency, and agreement with aggregate
  • Loaders for popular crowdsourced datasets

Pipeline management

Integrate your data labeling processes with popular workflow management platforms using our open-source Python libraries.

Build automated data processing workflows using ready-made tasks for frequent actions.

Apache Airflow integrationPrefect integration

Engineered for real-world AI

Toloka supports a community of data scientists, ML engineers, researchers,
and AI innovators around the globe to accelerate machine learning with better data processes

  • Trusted by leading
    ML&AI teams
  • "With Toloka we were able to resolve even the most difficult cases of recognizing handwritten text in documents."
    Founder and CTO of Dbrain, Y Combinator alum
    "Toloka is our source for a continual stream of data for large-scale projects. We collected the world's largest database of 200,000 unique photos and videos."
    Science Director and Co-founder
    "Thanks to Toloka, we're able to run numerous data projects on a regular basis. What we gain is a dependable approach to data labeling."
    Crowd Solutions Architect
    "We use Toloka to extract better signals from the data for NER and search relevance evaluation. The support from Toloka is excellent."
    Head of Data Science Hub
    "We were really impressed with how fast we got our project done in Toloka - 10,000 ads were reviewed in just 12 hours."
    Special Projects Team
    "We chose Toloka, because of the fast turnaround time and the active participation of performers."
    Data engineer

Why Toloka

  • ML technologies
    • One platform to manage human labeling & ML
    • Prebuilt scalable infrastructure for training and real-time inference
    • Flexible foundation models pre-trained on large datasets
    • Automatic retraining and monitoring out of the box
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  • Diverse global crowd
    • 100+ countries
    • 40+ languages
    • 200k+ monthly active Tolokers
    • 800+ daily active projects
    • 24/7 continuous data labeling
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  • Crowdsourcing technologies
    • Advanced quality control and adaptive crowd selection
    • Smart matching mechanisms
    • 10 years of industry experience and proven methodology
    • Open-source Python library for aggregation methods
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  • Robust secure infrastructure
    • Privacy-first, GDPR-compliant focus on data protection test
    • ISO 27001-certified
    • Multiple data storage options, Microsoft Azure cloud
    • Automatic scaling to handle any volumes
    • API and open-source libraries for seamless integration
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