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Launch your project in minutes with our preset solutions and 24/7 data labeling for fast results.
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Place your confidence in custom-built algorithms tuned for superb data accuracy at scale.
Unlock scalability with versatile features, a highload system, and easy integration into ML pipelines.
Transparent Pricing
Pay per label with no minimums and stay under budget with significant cost savings at scale.
Versatile use cases
Pre-set data labeling pipelines for a wide variety of use cases and diverse data types, with no data minimums.
Object Recognition & Detection
Train your computer vision model by labeling image elements with bounding boxes, polygons or key points, as well as utilizing image segmentation and tagging based on your own ontology.
Image & Video
Collect a library of annotated images or videos — grade image quality, classify by type, identify objects or content, or receive any other judgments you need.
Transcribe and annotate the text in PDF files to train your algorithms to better identify specific parts of documents, or validate and fine-tune the output of your own OCR models.
Perform side-by-side comparisons to decide which option works best, check if images match descriptions, or get any other judgments you need to verify or clean up your data.
Image & Video Moderation
Make sure inappropriate content isn’t uploaded to your site. Set rules for all types of images and videos with instructions and details about what is acceptable and what is not.
Image & Video
Create collections of images and videos based on specific topics or motifs, lighting, angles or environments. Record video snippets to match your specifications.

Evaluate the performance of your search engine, find out which ranking model works best, and improve the search algorithm.


Categorize any kind of text into predefined categories or ontologies to get the labeled data you need to optimize your NLP model.

Categorize any kind of text by sentiment and reasons behind the sentiment for any purpose, from understanding customer reviews to spam filtering.
Train your chatbot, voice assistant, or any other conversational agent to better understand your user’s intent.


Power your conversational agent with text utterances based on your instructions or scenarios.

Named Entity
Create your own custom ontology to identify parts of speech, classify proper nouns, or label any other entities for your project or named entity recognition (NER) model.
Audio Data Collection

Create or fine-tune a voice interface using speech samples that match your instructions. Enhance TTS (Text-to-Speech) and speech synthesis technologies with high-quality audio data.

Audio Transcription

Convert audio to text or check transcriptions for correctness. Transcribe any number of audio files quickly and accurately and use resulting data to improve speech recognition models.

Audio Classification

Detect emotion, categorize topics, or identify events in audio samples or conversations to improve your models.

Business Data

Collect information like website URLs or business hours, or categorize businesses by type, location, or size. Enrich business data and gather the information you need.


Use a variety of survey formats to conduct surveys of thousands of people with diverse backgrounds.

Content Generation

Generate any type or any amount of content, such as product descriptions, recipes or user manuals.

Offline Data Collection

Gather or verify information about businesses like address, menu, and opening hours. Digitize offline data for your projects and business goals.

Price Monitoring

Get information about actual in-store prices on your products and competitors' discounts at specific retail outlets, then adjust your pricing to match.

Check where your products are placed and the allocated share of shelf space. Compare this data with information about competitors' products.
Secret Buyer
Get insights into staff performance, quality of service and demand for your products.
Foot Traffic

Learn about foot traffic and road traffic for analyzing strategic retail points.

Ad Monitoring

Collect data for analyzing and monitoring outdoor advertising. Track promo campaigns.

Unleash the potential of AI

Designed by engineers for engineers, Toloka combines cutting-edge technologies with the power of the crowd to deliver high-performing data in record time.

Smart Technologies
End-to-end solutions with multifaceted quality control, adaptive filters, and auto labeling.
Global Crowd
Fast scaling with on-demand access to the largest global crowd coverage in 40+ languages.
Industry Expertise
10 years of scientific research and innovation solving real-world problems for any scope.
Easy Integration
Free, powerful API and open-source libraries for direct integration into automated pipelines.
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Maximum flexibility

Toloka offers flexible project configuration: use our presets for a faster start, or take full control to customize your projects for the most complex labeling needs. Options include adaptive tools and automation to develop a robust data pipeline that evolves with you. Hands on or hands off — it's up to you.
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Latest news

IMDB-WIKI-SbS is a new large-scale dataset that contains 9,150 images appearing in 250,249 pairs annotated on a crowdsourcing platform.

Organizing committee of the workshop: Andrew Ng (Landing AI, DeepLearning.AI), Lora Aroyo (Google Research), Cody Coleman (Stanford University), Greg Diamos (Landing AI), Vijay Janapa Reddi (Harvard University), Joaquin Vanschoren (Eindhoven University of Technology) Carole-Jean Wu (Facebook), Sharon Zhou (Stanford University).

Gartner Features Toloka in its Latest Hype Cycle for Data Science and Machine Learning Report. Toloka is honored to have been mentioned in the latest report put out by Gartner.

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