Why master crowdsourcing?
  • Data is essential
    AI-based products and services rely on large amounts of high-quality labeled data for training, tuning, and evaluating machine learning algorithms. We strongly believe that machine learning workflows will focus increasingly on data production.
  • Optimize quality, speed and cost
    The crowdsourcing approach is a popular way to collect and label large datasets with faster turnaround and lower costs compared to using a limited group of experts for data collection and annotation. Our 10 years of industry experience and research show that building top-quality datasets requires a strict methodology.
Online course
This course will teach you how to do efficient and scalable data labeling for all kinds of projects. You’ll get acquainted with the key aspects of the crowdsourcing approach, which is based on splitting complex challenges into small tasks and distributing them among a vast crowd of performers.
Self-Study Guide to Crowdsourcing
We created this series of video tutorials to get you acquainted with crowdsourcing – through theory and real-life case studies. Our guide consists of 3 tracks: ML and AI, Business and Marketing, and Social Sciences. Whatever your background, you can count on our tutorials to walk you through the basics.
Support for educators and students
Education Pricing Plan

Our special offer for students, faculty members, and researchers gives you the opportunity to collect and label data with zero commission. Apply now and tell your colleagues and students about this pricing plan.

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Initiatives for Educators

We believe that it is essential to support those who educate. That’s why we have accumulated all we have to offer in one place. To see what we have for educators, go to Learn More.

Job Opportunities

We are passionate about connecting crowdsourcing enthusiasts with companies looking for crowd solutions architects. Check out open positions on the job board.

Partnerships in higher education
Toloka partners with universities across the world to incorporate crowd science into coursework.
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