Who is it for?
Use Toloka to boost your academic work. Collect data for term papers, theses, research papers and other projects.
Use Toloka to enrich your courses. Collect data for lectures, seminars, and projects.
Use Toloka to enhance your research. Toloka is the place to collect and label data for your projects!
What difference does the Education Pricing Plan make?
Without the Education
Pricing Plan
Commission fee: 30%
With the Education
Pricing Plan*
Commission fee: 0%
*Available for one academic year but you can opt in again if you are still at university.
How can Toloka help accomplish my goals?
Boost your academic work by collecting and labeling data on the Toloka crowdsourcing platform.
Choose our special pricing plan to launch projects with zero commission.
  • Conduct surveys
  • Classify large volumes of images and videos
  • Transcribe text from images
  • Collect images and videos
  • Collect, transcribe, and classify audio
  • Generate any type and amount of content
  • Improve models of any kind: audio & natural language processing,
    computer vision, chatbots & voice assistants, search & information retrieval

Why Toloka?

Millions of performers
ready to help
Smart tools & methods
for higher quality data
100+ countries
& 40+ languages
Wide range of tasks
for ML & other fields
Daniil Polyakov
Master's theses at MIPT
Daniil used Toloka to label data for his master’s theses.
Philipp Chapkovsky
Postdoctoral research fellow at HSE
Philipp used Toloka to run interactive human subject experiments.
Questions and Answers
How can I prove that I am eligible?
To opt in for the education pricing plan you must fill in the form using a valid email provided by your university. If you don’t have a valid university email address, you can provide us with any document proving your status at the university.
Am I still required to pay for completing my projects on Toloka?
Yes. With the education pricing plan, you don’t pay the Toloka commission fee (30%) but you still need to pay for completed tasks. The final price depends on your project’s settings.
Why can't you make Toloka completely free for academic goals?
Toloka is a two-sided market and we have to pay performers for tasks they complete. However, in our effort to help students, faculty members, and researchers enrich their academic work with Toloka, we offer the opportunity to launch tasks at a lower price by eliminating the commission fee. All Toloka requesters normally pay this fee to launch tasks on the platform.
What happens when I graduate or leave university?
You will have to switch to another plan upon graduation or in case you stop working at the university. However, we periodically launch other special offerings. Keep up with our news!
How can I learn how to launch projects?
To get started with launching projects, follow the step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge Base. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into crowd science methology, check out our course on Coursera.
Why has Toloka developed a special education pricing plan?
At Toloka, we are committed to being a socially responsible company, and we want to share the benefits of our technological success with local and global communities. We believe that students, faculty members, and researchers should have access to modern technologies that can enhance their studies and academic projects. We are passionate about sharing our platform with those in higher education and research.
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*Available for one academic year but you can opt in again if you are still at university.
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