Awards are given to performers for doing different types of tasks, acquiring skills, inviting friends, and completing other actions on the platform.

They help to track your achievements. Awards can help you discover what Toloka features and types of tasks you aren't yet familiar with.

For a list of awards, see Awards :
  • The awards you earned are in color.
  • The available awards are black and white.

To learn more about an award, click on its image.

Types of awards

  • For knowledge of Toloka. Complete a training task, field task, or mobile task, earn your first money, and withdraw it from your Toloka account.
  • For activity. Users get these awards for performing different actions on the platform, like turning on push notifications or inviting friends to Toloka.
  • Multi-level awards are given for completing 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 tasks, or for gaining skills.
  • Secret awards are not visible in the profile and are issued as a surprise.