Automated data labeling 
with LLMs and humans

Build the ideal data pipeline with LLMs, our trained crowd, and experts 
for optimal price, quality, and throughput

Who is labeling your data?

LLMs now offer a powerful data labeling option, but the decision to use LLMs isn't straightforward.

Tap into Toloka's AI expertise to design a data labeling strategy for your next project

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    Quality. LLMs perform on par or better than humans in some tasks, but need guidance.
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    Speed. LLMs can offer better throughput, but may need fine-tuning.
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    Price. LLMs might be cheaper or more expensive than manual labeling, depending on the project setup.
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We leverage machine learning and human 
expertise for optimal speed and quality

Toloka has the know-how to apply LLMs, domain experts, and data quality controls exactly where you need them.

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How Toloka optimizes data labeling pipelines with LLMs

  • LLM-boosted 
    human data labeling

    LLM offers suggestions 
    for human annotators

  • LLM data labeling 
    with human assistance

    Humans label edge cases 
    not handled by LLM

  • Human evaluation 
    of LLM annotation

    Humans perform selective evaluation 
    of LLM annotations

LLMs need human oversight

Here are just a few examples of data labeling challenges for LLMs

Ambiguous tasks

  • Task type:Search relevance
  • Issue:Ambiguity in "reasonably well" type of instructions
  • Reason:LLMs often have different logic from humans

Outdated pre-training dataset

  • Task type:Product similarity
  • Issue:New products or new brands
  • Reason:LLMs hallucinate about things they 
    were not trained on

LLMs incorrectly interpret 
slang and shorthand

  • Task type:Data cleaning
  • Issue:Typo correction
  • Reason:LLMs aren't trained to understand 
    all languages equally well

We find the best language model for your task 
and support it with human input for reliable results

Guidance for
LLM implementation
in annotation projects
Open AI type LLMs
Smaller LM fine-tuned
on project data
Available dataFew shots10K labelled examples
Type of tasksTasks within domain of tasks
best performed by LLMs
Wide range of tasks
FlexibilityFlexibility within available context window
Inability or high cost of fine-tuning
Relatively low cost of fine-tuning
CostHigh cost per labelLow marginal cost per label after fine-tuning

Toloka's bespoke solutions combine the speed of LLMs and 
the insight of our crowd for optimal data labeling performance

We take care of prompt engineering and quality control to deliver the best results for your project requirements.

Get best-in-class data labeling solutions with LLMsTalk to our AI experts
Get best-in-class data labeling solutions with LLMsTalk to our AI experts

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Why Toloka

Our solutions combine state-of-the-art ML and crowdsourcing technologies, 
supported by a global crowd of annotators and secure infrastructure.

Powering new language models and research

Our experience working with natural language processing solves real-life business problems and helps advance 
scientific research and open-source projects with large language models.

Get best-in-class data labeling solutions with LLMs