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Get production-quality data without the extra work of designing and supervising your labeling project. Our new solutions offer preset data pipelines that give you unprecedented quality in record time — at a fraction of the cost. 
Fastest Time-to-Result
Reduce time to labeled data from days to minutes with the largest global crowd available 24/7.
High Quality
Place your confidence in custom-built algorithms tuned for superb data accuracy.
Easy Start
Launch your data labeling project in a matter of minutes and leave the rest to us.
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Pick a pipeline
Pick a preset pipeline and answer a few questions about your project.
Set up your project
Give your project a name, choose the language, and answer a few questions.
Submit a brief for your task
Explain the task and add a few examples.
Upload data
Upload your unlabeled data.
Retrieve labeled data
We'll let you know when your labeled dataset is ready.
Business cases
Streamline data production with pre-tuned solutions for standard scenarios.
  • Diverse data types: images, text, video, audio
  • Pay per label – no data minimums
Personalized recommendations

Get insights to improve personalized recommendations on your site and give your customers a better shopping experience.

Search relevance evaluation

Evaluate the performance of your search engine, find out which ranking model works best, and improve the search algorithm.

Content moderation

Make sure inappropriate content isn’t uploaded to your site. Set rules for all types of content about what is acceptable and what is not.

#ecommerce #media 
Product design decision making

Compare sets of images or texts and gather insights from a diverse crowd.

Object detection

Get images classified or labeled with bounding boxes or polygons to train CV models.

#automotive #ecommerce #agriculture #computer vision

API compatible

Workflows are API supported with open-source libraries for easy integration into your ML pipelines.
API documentation.
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