From New Logo to Women in Tech: Toloka in April and May

We’re here to bring you a brief recap of the most recent and relevant events at Toloka. Let’s have a look at what we’ve all been up to in our digital hive.

Jun 16th 2021
Toloka’s Quality-to-Price Ratio is Hard to Beat: A Case Study from Japan

When a Japanese startup approached Toloka’s partner Roman Kucev with 34,000 images from various TV shows and a seemingly daunting task of labeling human faces in every one of those images, they asked for 3 things: we want it done well, we want it done fast, and we want it done cheap… To the clients’ delight, 3 weeks later, the task was completed at a fraction of the expected cost.

Jun 7th 2021
Toloka's Three Muskateers: Stories from Around the Globe

We love learning about ambitious Tolokers and finding out why individuals join Toloka. This time, we have three personal stories to share from Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

May 27th 2021
Tolokers help raise awareness about cities’ waste disposal

Trash generation is growing rapidly but so is the number of initiatives aimed at proper waste management. Crowdsourcing platforms like Toloka can help with that. Here’s how.

May 18th 2021
Build a SQuAD Labeling Project with Toloka Kit

In this article, we're going to talk about how Toloka Kit can help tackle one of the most popular problems in NLP – question answering – by labeling the SQuAD2.0 dataset.

Apr 28th 2021
Reviewing Performers' Responses: Manual and Automatic Methods

There are two ways to accept tasks completed by performers in Toloka: automatic acceptance and non-automatic acceptance. Let's look at how these methods differ, which types of tasks they work best on, and how to review tasks with non-automatic acceptance quickly and efficiently.

Apr 15th 2021
Toloka Gets a New Look: The Story Behind Our Rebranding

Toloka went through some massive changes this week. We launched a full-scale rebrand and revealed a new logo and brand identity. Our sites and products now have a more refined, crisp look that we hope you’re enjoying as much as we are. Keep reading to find out how we went from our old daisy logo to a dandelion that’s also a bouquet of popsicles.

Apr 8th 2021
6 Papers Not To Miss from NeurIPS

Neural Information Processing Systems is an annual conference that featured more than 2,000 papers when it was last held in December 2020. We have chosen six papers from the conference as essential reading in crowd science and shared our perspective on trends in crowdsourcing research.

Mar 31st 2021
Searching for Missing People with Toloka

Toloka has teamed up with Liza Alert, a volunteer search-and-rescue organization, to look for missing people in drone images. As part of the process, Tolokers can check aerial images for signs of people to boost searches in progress.

Mar 25th 2021
Toloka Kit: a Python Library for Your Labeling Projects

Scale your data labeling projects with Toloka Kit – an open-source Python library from Toloka! A great tool for ML engineers and data scientists who want to have more flexibility when building labeling pipelines.

Mar 18th 2021

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