Toloka Obtains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management

We’re proud to announce that after a series of in-depth audits, the Toloka platform has obtained certification for compliance with ISO 27001:2013, the highest industry standard in information security management.

Jan 11th 2022
New Live Gallery in Toloka: View Field Task Images as They Come in

Our new live preview gallery lets you view the images in the post-acceptance interface without downloading anything. You can easily flip through the uploaded images, explore every image from different angles, and rotate 180 degrees. Read on to learn more.

Dec 27th 2021
Introducing a Direct Line for Reports of Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud happens — there will always be a small percentage of people who try to cheat. To manage these cases better, Toloka has introduced a direct line for requesters to report fraudulent performers. Read on to find out how to instantly report suspicious activity on Toloka.

Dec 13th 2021
More Tasks on Mobile: Toloka’s New Default Setting

We’re introducing a new setting – all tasks created in Toloka will automatically become available both in browsers and in the mobile apps. We believe this way, Tolokers will have easier access to more tasks, which will also benefit the requesters. Read on to find out about this important change and how it will affect you.

Dec 7th 2021
How to Boost Content Moderation Efficiency With Toloka

As online content grows exponentially, keeping the web safe is no easy task. Companies today use Machine Learning models to build their automated moderation systems. These systems rely heavily on high-quality, accurately labeled data for training and validating their models — and this is where crowdsourcing can play an invaluable role.

Dec 6th 2021
How to digitize archives when you're short on resources: 6 steps to transcribe text in Toloka

OCR technology has come a long way in helping us automatically recognize text and convert it to digital files, but sometimes it falls short and you want to have real people involved, like a recent case with the Archives of Latvian Folklore. The good news is, crowdsourcing can help with digitization in no time, and Toloka is here to explain how: simply follow the basic steps below.

Nov 25th 2021
How to Set Up a Parking Management System With Toloka

In this article, we will look at how to set up a modern parking management system. Such a system identifies license plates of the incoming and outgoing vehicles and coordinates how and where these vehicles enter and exit a parking space.

Nov 11th 2021
In-house vs Crowdsourced Data Labeling: Pros, Cons, and Use Cases

Download our guide to learn more about pros and cons of different approaches to data labeling and explore real-life cases. This guide will be particularly helpful to you if you write and implement ML algorithms.

Oct 25th 2021
Tolokers from Around the Globe: A Camping Enthusiast and a Book Lover Share Their Stories

Today, we’re talking to Andressa from Brazil and Ashish from India who’ve agreed to have a chat with us to offer their perspective on what it’s like to be a Toloker in 2021.

Sep 30th 2021
Aggregating Categorical Replies via Crowdsourcing: Two Classical Algorithms

Successful aggregation of data lies at the heart of crowdsourcing. This article in the form of a hands-on demo will briefly look at how categorical responses can be aggregated using two classical algorithms — Majority Vote and Dawid-Skene — to help you meet your data labeling goals even faster.

Sep 20th 2021
Toloka's New Features: Multilingual Support, Language-verified Tolokers, and Global Skills

We have great news: three new features have been added to our platform that will make your Toloka experience smoother. And you’ll get more accurately labeled data faster, too!

Sep 2nd 2021
Most Struggle with Data Labeling in Vain, Reveals a New Survey of The Sequence Readers

About a month ago, we partnered with The Sequence and conducted a web survey that asked ML engineers, data scientists, and AI aficionados alike to answer questions about their data labeling habits and techniques. The results led to surprising conclusions.

Aug 31st 2021
Crowdsourcing for the Media: Entertainment and News

Crowdsourcing can offer a lot beyond data labeling and AI – from crowd journalism that provides information to crowd art that inspires and captivates. What’s promising from the perspective of business is that crowdsourcing can help companies grow in seemingly unexpected ways.

Aug 18th 2021

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