Our global crowdforce

Millions of people, thousands of projects, dozens of countries and languages, and a variety
of supported devices — combined with smart tools and quality control. The result?
Accurate, flexible and scalable data labeling in Toloka.

  • Millions of Tolokers
  • 100+ countries
  • 40+ languages
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Crowd options

When you’re in need of a global crowdforce, Toloka has millions of people ready to help — we call them Tolokers. Our extensive experience with the crowd has led us to develop specialized quality control methods and smart matching mechanisms, which means you get labeled data with better quality and accuracy.

  • On-demand Tolokers

    Access millions of Tolokers available 24/7. Target specific languages, geo-locations, age and gender, or tune other filters to fit your objectives.

  • Skilled Tolokers

    Get better labeling quality from the start. Toloka leverages performer quality by using ML algorithms to recommend new tasks to the most relevant expert first.

  • Secure Tolokers

    Toloka has select verified performers who can be trusted with labeling extra-sensitive data. Contact us for details about setting up a non-standard project.


Global distribution

Our cloud-based crowdsourcing platform gives you access to an unlimited global crowdforce. With millions of crowd performers available across every time zone, data labeling is non-stop 24/7, for a wide range of tasks in a variety of diverse countries and languages.

Top languages
English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Bulgarian, Czech, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian

Crowd demographics

Toloka is a window to the collective experience and knowledge of people from different countries, cultures, languages and professions, with different ages and genders, and a range of employment and education levels.

  • Distribution by age

    Almost half of Tolokers
    have earned a degree.

  • Education
    Distribution by age

    About half of our crowdforce
    is people in their prime.

  • Employment

    The majority of our crowd is students and
    people who have a different full-time job.

Ethics for fair cooperation

We are dedicated to the well-being of our crowd, which is why we established a Code of Ethics built on fair cooperation, inclusion, privacy and confidentiality. Our approach gives Tolokers the freedom to choose their tasks and the flexibility to earn money using a mobile app wherever and whenever they want — they can combine it with a full-time job, hobby, or studies in their spare time.

  • Opportunity

    Access millions of Tolokers available 24/7. Target specific languages, geo-locations, age and gender, or tune other filters to fit your objectives.

  • Crowd voice

    Every Toloker is valued for their contributions. Tolokers have the chance to feel like a part of something bigger, where their efforts help create something meaningful.

  • Privacy & confidentiality

    Personal data is always kept private. Any information collected about the crowd is requested solely for the purposes of the project.

  • Communication & support

    We offer Tolokers the best possible end-to-end user experience, with email support and direct contact with project requesters to ensure they can do their best on every project.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    Anyone can use Toloka to do micro-tasks on a laptop or smartphone from the comfort of home. Tolokers pick which tasks they prefer to do, whenever and wherever they want.

  • Motivation

    Gamification and awards keep them coming back for more tasks, and dynamic pricing rewards them for consistent quality.

Meet our Tolokers

Pranjal: engineer
and YouTube blogger
“I’m an engineer but I started looking for a way to make money online because of the pandemic. I’ve been doing tasks in Toloka every day since November 2020. In my opinion, Toloka is one of the best platforms for earning money online: minimalist interface, no ads, and the tasks are interesting. You don’t need a special degree or experience to try out this field — data labelers learn as they go.”
André: surfer,
stepdad, Toloker
“With Toloka, you choose when and where to earn money – you’re basically your own boss. If you’re thinking of joining, go for it! Toloka is a serious and committed platform that treats its collaborators fairly and has a qualified support team. Plus, it’s a serious company that pays real money – no delays, no bureaucracy, no inconvenience.”
Nadia: dog lover
and volunteer
“Toloka turned out to be a great fit for me: it’s like playing a game – but you also get paid! If you’re patient and able to concentrate, you absolutely can earn some extra cash with Toloka. You choose your own schedule and task complexity, and that’s really convenient. I can even make money while walking my dogs.”
Nguyen Quang Diep: businessman
and crowdsourcing veteran
“Completing lively, stimulating tasks, often with an opportunity to do field work has been a dramatic change of pace compared to other platforms. The biggest bonus is that I can sharpen my mind in the process and withdraw my earnings quickly and reliably afterwards. As someone who’s been involved in crowdsourcing for many years, I can whole-heartedly recommend Toloka if you’re still on the fence.”
Dámaris: store manager
and graduate student
“I love it that Toloka offers many ongoing tasks related to my fields of interest along with substantial pay to back them up. What’s more: it’s always fun, doesn’t take away from my social life, and lets me acquire new skills, which I feel increases my own value on the market. This is something I didn’t manage to find anywhere else. I’m happy to be called a Toloker!”
Alfred: college freshman
and tech enthusiast
“The freedom and convenience is priceless — I can work whenever and wherever I want. In addition, I can choose the tasks that I actually enjoy, and I can even do my part to contribute to important IT research that will affect future products and services. Thankfully, there’s no sign-up fee or charges of any kind. All in all, I found Toloka to be a fantastic way to help me through college.”

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