Hands-on tutorials
Launch projects successfully by following our step-by-step instructions. Use our datasets for practice projects, or run projects on your own datasets and adapt the settings to your needs. You can also run the projects programmatically using the Toloka-Kit.
Image classification
The challenge: classify a set of photographs according to what animal is shown in the picture – a cat or a dog

There’s a set of real-life photos of cats and dogs. Performers are asked to look at the photos and decide what animal is in the picture.

The challenge: find out which icon people prefer and determine the top icon out of the set

There’s a set of 3 icons in 3 pairs. Performers are asked to look at the icons and choose the one they prefer. The results are then aggregated to obtain the top icon.

Image collection
The challenge: collect a set of categorized, real-life photos of pets — cats and dogs

Performers are asked to send a picture of their cat or dog (or a random photo if they don’t have a cat or a dog) and select the appropriate label for their picture.

Object detection
The challenge: get a set of contours defined by an array of points that represent road signs in each photo

There’s a set of real-life photos of roads. Performers are asked to outline every traffic sign in each photo.

Keys to clean and accurate training data
Our methodology based on years of research and unique industry expertise can help you successfully tap into the wisdom of the crowd on a large scale. If you want to efficiently use the knowledge of thousands of people to get clean and accurate data for your ML needs, follow our tips for each of these essential steps.
1. Decomposition
Break your task down into steps until each separate level is clear enough for any performer to handle.

2. Instructions
The more comprehensive the instructions, the more accurate the results. 

3. Interfaces
A good interface makes it easy for users to perform the same repeated actions quickly and correctly. 

4. Quality control
Carefully plan and configure a quality control system to ensure high-quality results. 
5. Pricing
Find the optimal price based on speed and quality.

6. Results
After the pool is finished, aggregate the results and check statistics.

Application for corporate training

We offer corporate training to help you solve existing challenges and develop an internal team of crowd science architects (CSA). 
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