Rely on our expertise with managed services, or DIY with our self-service platform.

  • Bespoke solutions to support the ML lifecycle

    Managed service

    Our AI experts analyze your business needs and design a pipeline with automated labeling plus human expertise and oversight to deliver the best speed and quality.
    • Custom data labeling solution includes labeling 
      guidelines, human crowd selection, quality control, 
      ML models, automated workflow
    • Dedicated project manager plus solution tuning 
      and maintenance
    • Guaranteed accuracy and speed SLAs
    • Best-in-class quality management
    • 40+ languages for human input
    • Convenient platform where you can monitor progress 
      and download results
    • API + Python libraries
    • Fixed price per label
    • Commitments with volume-based pricing
  • Data collection and labeling

    Self service

    Open crowdsourcing platform with state-of-the-art technologies and quality control tools. Run any data labeling project, large or small, with instant access to our global crowd of annotators.
    • Fully configurable data labeling projects: tweak 
      your labeling templates, guidelines, and quality 
    • 24/7 tech support
    • Built-in tools to adjust labeling speed and accuracy
    • Choose your labeling workforce from our global crowd 
      and expert annotators
    • 40+ languages for human input
    • Convenient platform where you can monitor progress 
      and download results
    • API + Python libraries
    • Flexible price per task + platform fee
    • Pay as you go, no data minimums

How pricing varies

  • Image
    Type of labeling (general crowd, expert annotators, LLMs)
  • Image
    Services provided (managed solution vs self-service platform)
  • Image
    Task complexity and languages

Billing options

  • Sign a contract for 
    post-payment invoicing
    Bespoke solutionsTalk to sales
  • Use your Microsoft Azure 
    account to pay as you go
    Bespoke solutionsSelf-service
    Try Azure
  • Top up your account 
    for pre-payment
    Self-serviceStart now

FAQ about
self service

  • We recommend a price to pay Tolokers based on the type of task. You can adjust the price to fit your needs and desired speed and quality. Toloka adds a platform fee and deducts the cost from your account as tasks are completed (pay as you go).
  • Tolokers choose which tasks they want to do, and price is a good motivator. Our pricing tool helps you target your price to meet Tolokers' expectations and your project's needs. You can also offer extra rewards for performance, or use dynamic pricing to pay different rates depending on the Toloker's skill level.
  • If you have money left on your account and you want a refund, submit a refund request.
  • Top up your account via wire transfer, Paypal, or Visa/Mastercard. You can request a statement or invoice if needed.
  • If you have a Microsoft Azure account, you can use it to pay for data labeling as you go. No need to set up a billing account in Toloka or transfer funds. Your Azure account will be automatically billed for what you spend on data labeling in Toloka. To choose this option, subscribe to Toloka's services in Azure Marketplace.

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