Cost-effective solutions for optimal data, at any scale.

  • Data collection and labeling platform

    Self service

    Open crowdsourcing platform with state-of-the-art technologies and quality control tools. Highly customizable for all your data workflows, from experiments and one-off projects to automated data pipelines.

    • Design your own data flow or use preset projects
    • Full control of configuration and tuning
    • Global crowd or in-house workforce
    • 24/7 tech support
    • API + Python libraries
    • Flexible price per task + platform fee
    • Pay as you go, no data minimums
  • Bespoke solutions to support the ML lifecycle

    Managed service

    Individual solutions developed on request to support data-related processes across the entire machine learning lifecycle — from data collection and annotation to model training, deployment and monitoring.

    • Provide the project specs and get a custom solution that’s ready to use
    • Solution tuned and maintained by Toloka
    • Global crowd or in-house workforce
    • Dedicated manager
    • API + Python libraries
    • Fixed price per label
    • Annual commitments with volume-based pricing

Billing options

FAQ about
self service

Examples of costs in real self-service projects

  • Image
    Object classification
    $2.40 per 1000 objects
  • Image
    Image comparison
    $4.80 per 1000 photos
  • Image
    Object segmentation
    $7.20 per 1000 objects
  • Image
    Audio transcription
    $12 per 100 recordings

    (25 minutes each)

* Price varies depending on task complexity, language, and other factors

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