Technologies to power 
quality data labeling

Data labeling the way you want it

Combine our unique technologies to achieve optimal quality and scaling for any data labeling needs. Select the best crowd for your project with smart ranking and matching. Apply multiple quality control methods and aggregation tools for production-quality data. Optionally choose AI-assisted autolabeling with human verification for fast continuous labeling.


Multiple quality control methods

  • Post-verification

    For complex tasks, manually check the quality of completed tasks and only pay for the ones you accept. Alternatively, have a group of Tolokers double-check tasks to ensure quality.

  • Task-based crowd training and testing

    Use practice tasks to teach Tolokers a skill for your project and verify their mastery with an exam.

  • Golden sets (honeypots)

    Add control tasks with correct answers to automatically monitor individual quality while labeling is in progress.

  • State-of-the-art aggregation tools

    Toloka integrates a full range of aggregation tools, from classic categorical aggregation to advanced algorithms for every possible scenario, including pairwise comparisons and non-categorical text and image segmentation. See the Crowd-Kit library for a full list.

  • Platform-wide antifraud system

    Our real-time anti-fraud system is built into every level of the platform to ensure that the people on the other end are real people. Our dedicated anti-fraud team works non-stop to detect and prevent cheating in any form.


Efficient labeling tools

Good labeling interfaces are essential for getting fast, high-quality labels. 
Our interface templates cover a wide range of data labeling scenarios that are easy to tweak for your project’s needs.

  • Template Builder for quick adjustments
    Handy JSON-like interface editor with code snippets 
    and real-time preview.
  • Workspace SDK for JavaScript interfaces
    Connect JavaScript libraries and special extensions for task classes 
    to create the interface and process response.

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