Impact on the AI industry

Advancing the global AI community by empowering professional growth
and putting humanity at the center of technology.


More than a data labeling platform

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to unlocking AI opportunities, tackling pressing AI and ML challenges, contributing to the Responsible AI movement, making appearances at prominent global scientific events, and publishing our discoveries in scientific journals.

Powering the AI revolution with data

Successful AI development relies on three key resources: algorithms, hardware, and data. Now that hardware and algorithms are readily available, training data is the industry’s only remaining bottleneck. The right training data is what makes AI-driven products shine, and we are continually developing technologies to put that data within reach.

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Supporting scientific research

Our researchers spend their days tackling pressing challenges in AI and ML — and sharing their breakthroughs. They regularly publish their findings in scientific journals and lead tutorials and workshops at some of the biggest AI conferences around the globe.

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Driving Responsible AI

We consider it a privilege to contribute to the AI community with responsible data production that supports ethical approaches to training, testing, and monitoring AI.

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Quick start
# Install the packagespip install -U toloka-kit crowd-kit

Investing in open source

Working with crowdsourced data can be cumbersome, but we aspire to make it easier for everyone with open source projects. Our Crowd-Kit is a powerful Python library that implements effective aggregation methods for crowdsourced annotation and offers relevant metrics and datasets.

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Sharing industry expertise

Our 10 years of industry experience and research show that advanced crowdsourcing techniques can make all the difference in building top-quality datasets. We readily share our know-how in open datasets, online courses on data labeling, and collaboration with top universities.

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We are an open global community of AI practitioners

Find out how the Toloka team, partners, and community members solve complex practical problems related to the ML pipeline.

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