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Boost GMV with AI
in e-commerce

Effective e-commerce platforms use AI systems that rely on natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and improve customer interactions. Toloka makes it easy to build automated solutions that will give your business a competitive edge and increase customer retention.

Your AI goals can become reality with Toloka's ML models and data labeling platform. Make the most of machine learning technologies to improve the shopping experience on your e-commerce website and strengthen your online business.

Solutions to support every use case

Stay ahead of the AI curve with high-performance data to grow your business.

  • Improve existing automation by monitoring and retraining with human-labeled data
  • Build new AI solutions for your e commerce website with our Adaptive AutoML

How Toloka can meet your business needs

  • Grow conversions with relevant search results and recommendations
    Online retailers rely on search and recommendation systems to help customers find products and convert to purchases. Our data labeling platform gives you fast access to human insight for tuning recommendation algorithms and evaluating search relevance.
  • Keep your brand safe with efficient moderation
    Protect potential customers and the reputation of your business — moderate text, images, and videos in customer reviews before publishing online. We combine automated and manual checking for efficient and highly accurate moderation workflows.
  • Prioritize customer loyalty with fine-tuned sentiment analysis
    Use AI technology to analyze social media posts and reviews from online shoppers, and respond quickly to keep customers happy. Tune a sentiment analysis model with human-labeled data to recognize the intent and emotion of texts specific to your business.
  • Create a seamless customer experience with chatbots (NLP)
    Chatbots and assistants are a powerful way to apply artificial intelligence in e-commerce and improve customer engagement. Train NLP models to identify topics and intent in chat messages and help online shoppers get better service.

Success stories

10+ years of industry experience solving real-world problems.


Go global with multilingual projects

Create a great customer experience in every language and culture served by your e-commerce store.
We can help you get human-labeled data in over 40 languages and 100 countries. Improve your localized search results, recommendations, content moderation, virtual assistants, and customer service.

Read about how a multinational marketplace uses a Toloka solution to run efficient product moderation in 10 countries — with 98.7% accuracy.

For developers

  • API
    Our open API gives you the freedom 
    to integrate directly into any pipelines
  • Python SDK
    Our Python toolkit covers all API 
    functionality to give you the full 
    power of Toloka
  • Java SDK
    Our Java client library provides a 
    lightweight interface to the Toloka 
    API that works in any Java enviroment

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