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Rapid implementation of automated moderation with human insight. Integrate AI technology into your business process in one day.

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Content moderation solutions for all data types

Dating industry

Build trust and provide a safe dating environment 
for your clients with our moderation solution.

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    • Get free, rate-limited usage for learning and prototyping:
    • AI moderation only
    • 100 texts per day limit
    • 6 basic classes, English only
    • Power your business with next-level moderation service:
    • AI moderation with human-in-the-loop quality control
    • 300k texts per month  included
    • 10 classes & 9 languages
    • E-mail support with 24-h SLA
    • Moderation perfectly customized for your business:
    • AI and human moderation
    • No limits
    • Custom classes & 50+ languages
    • Iterative model retraining & dedicated support
Additional cost for resources usage
Storage per GB/month$0.030
GPU per hour (NVIDIA V100)$10.00

Industry compliance

We are dedicated to best practices in information security to meet and exceed industry standards.

Engineered for the real world

Toloka helps businesses solve moderation challenges at any scale.

  • “One of our partners recommended Toloka and we haven't looked back since.”
    Head of Data Science Hub
  • “We had 10,000 items to moderate daily. We went from slow and painful manual moderation to instant scaling.”
    Team Lead
  • “You can have images marked up in Toloka 10 times cheaper.”
    Head of Technologies
  • “Toloka helps us estimate tricky things like insults. We now spend half as much on moderation per item.”
    Product Director
  • “We were really impressed with how fast we got our project done in Toloka - 10,000 ads were reviewed in just 12 hours.”
    Special Projects Team
  • “We chose Toloka because of the fast turnaround time.”
    Data Engineer