ML platformML platformML platform
Accelerate your ML journey

Tune better models faster. Deploy in a few clicks.

  • Simple interface
    Easy-to-use SDK and web GUI to track, 
    compare, visualize and optimize 
    ML models — from training runs 
    to production monitoring
  • Adaptive Auto ML
    Start with our collection of enterprise level
    models and tune them to your needs
    in just a few clicks
  • Continuous human insight
    Connect to the Toloka data labeling platform 
    for tuning models, production monitoring, 
    and evaluating model predictions with 
    the power of the crowd

A world-class toolkit for machine learning

The one-stop platform with everything you need to improve your products with machine learning

Adaptive Auto ML

Choose from our catalog of models that are pre-trained and tuned to solve problems in specific domains.

  • Sentiment analysis for Finance
  • Multilingual speech recognition
  • Content moderation
  • and more
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GUI for model inference

Run inference in the browser to play with your model and find out what it can do.


Production monitoring

Native integration of tracking metrics makes monitoring easy.

  • Evaluate model production metrics 
    in real time
  • Monitor health, technical, and availability metrics in one place

Dataset management

Dataset versioning, data streaming, and data labeling embedded into the platform.

  • Track the dataset and version used in each training iteration
  • Use our tools to label data yourself or access Toloka's huge crowd for large-scale data labeling
  • Connect your data streams for continual data processing and model tuning Coming soon

Experiment tracking

Run training directly on the platform.

  • Track hyperparameters, optimization methods, and metrics for model tuning
  • Link them to models and datasets for transparent flow

Tools for performance comparisons

At-a-glance visual tools to keep up with new metrics.

  • Identify slices that reveal bias or low accuracy
  • Track changes over time for 360-degree model monitoring

Get started now

Explore how to leverage pre-trained models, 
large-scale data labeling with a global crowd, 
and experiment tracking.