Field data collection

Toloka helps you digitize the offline world.

Why your business needs to collect field data

Online data doesn'st always tell the whole story for your business. Capturing field data on site can fill in the gaps. 
Collect field data for market intelligence at brick-and-mortar stores, geo services, outdoor advertising, public services, and any applications that need on-site data. With Toloka's global crowd, you can gather information in real time from anywhere in the world.

Toloka optimizes the field data collection process for you

  • Global crowd
    24 time zones. Diverse languages, 
    ages, and professions.
  • Relevance
    On-site data, photos, and videos — 
    in real time.
  • Speed
    Fast data collection and easy 
  • Flexible solutions
    Fully managed or self-service 
    options for any use case.
  • Quality control
    Automated methods, 
    including geo tagging.
  • Free API
    Seamless integration into any 
    workflow via Python and Java libraries.

How it works

  • You explain the task and select the crowd by language and location
  • Tolokers in the crowd go to your list of points, take photos, and answer your questions in the mobile app
  • GPS tagging confirms the location when they submit data
  • You review results before paying for tasks

Flexible interface for any type of task

  • Tolokers pick tasks on the map on their mobile device for faster matches
  • Collected data — photos, videos, audio — immediately uploaded on location
  • Customize the task in the app to get quality data

Get crowd support in over 100 countries

Millions of Tolokers are ready to collect and verify offline data in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world. To check availability in a specific location, reach out.

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Success stories

10+ years of industry experience solving real-world problems.

Digitize the offline world

We can build a streamlined data collection 
process for your business.


  • Not all the information your business needs is available online — some data needs to be captured in person. Field data refers to any type of information gathered on site at a point of interest.
  • When you need to collect offline data on site, it's usually cost-prohibitive to send a field team to every location. People who live near the site can take part in mobile data collection with an app on their handheld device and upload the data to you immediately. That's the power of the crowd.
  • You can create a dataset with the field data you collected, then ask the crowd to verify or label the data on the Toloka data labeling platform.
  • When Tolokers look for field tasks in the app, they choose the ones that are nearby on the map so they can easily walk to the destination or stop by on their way somewhere else. With Tolokers in over 100 countries, many locations are covered by our crowd. If you are interested in a particular city, just ask.