Community guidelines

Our global community is a place to share experiences and talk about the crowdsourcing platform Toloka and how it can be used for Machine Learning, data sourcing, and data labeling.
Supportive environment
Toloka believes in equality, fairness, and an unbiased approach – we believe that no one should ever be discriminated against or sidelined because of their age, race and/or ethnicity, nationality, gender identity and/or sexual orientation, religion, social background and/or status, level of education, physical appearance, physical and/or mental disability, or any other characteristic. Toloka Global Community is a friendly and supportive virtual environment where everyone is treated with integrity and mutual respect. As a result, every member is expected to follow the same principles and remain open-minded and positive (or at the very least, neutral) and never engage in written or verbal exchanges that are aggressive, harassing, or vengeful.
Expected behavior and language register
Below are the examples of what Toloka Global Community actively encourages and welcomes:

  • Always using unbiased, non-discriminatory, and positive language.
  • Maintaining an inquisitive but always polite and friendly tone.
  • Learning to accept critique and criticism, suggestions, or other types of feedback without resorting to aggression and name-calling.
  • Being tolerant of other people’s opinions and ideas.
  • Putting community needs ahead of personal ambitions.
  • Giving support and assistance to other members.
Below are the examples of what Toloka Global Community shall not accept under any circumstance:
  • Using profanities, graphic language, or other obscene jargon.
  • Using sexualized language, imagery, or sexual innuendo in relation to any member or in general, including sexual advances or remarks.
  • Harassing or bullying other members in any shape or form.
  • Throwing insults and abuses, attacking other members’ personal, political, or religious views, and using derogatory, pejorative, or demeaning language.
  • Switching from a courteous and professional tone to the intimate register (i.e. non-public register reserved for relatives and close friends), especially without knowing the addressee. Although we see ourselves as one big family, this type of register may not be considered suitable by all users.
  • Revealing other community members’ personal data to third parties without their permission, including their contact information and other profile details.
  • Advertising, marketing, and self-promotion.
  • Anything else that may be considered inappropriate or frowned upon.
Promise of orderly conduct
All members of Toloka Global Community, be they attendees, moderators, speakers, volunteers, staff, or other participants, must uphold these Community Guidelines when using the crowdsourcing platform Toloka; participating in any Toloka group sessions, events and publications; or utilizing any third party communication channels designated to Toloka.
Consequences of misconduct
If a user violates these Community Guidelines, they will receive an official warning or be temporarily/permanently banned from the Community, including all social media and messaging channels and apps.
Report misconduct
If you think someone has breached these Community Guidelines, or you have questions regarding any of the rules, please email our Support Community
Thank you for helping us make Toloka Global Community a welcoming and inclusive environment for all of its members and visitors alike!