Toloka 101: Overview & live demo

During our webinar, we introduce Toloka and perform a live demonstration where we launch an image classification project from scratch.

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Toloka is a data labeling platform that handles data collection and annotation projects for machine learning in record time. Our platform helps to improve a wide range of models, including those used in audio and natural language processing, computer vision, chat bots and voice assistants, and search and information retrieval.

  • Fastest Time-to-Result

    Reduce time to labeled data from days to minutes with the largest global crowd available 24/7.

  • High Quality

    Place your confidence in ready-to-go solutions with quality control built in for superb data accuracy at scale.

  • True Scalability

    Unlock scalability with versatile features, a highload system, and easy integration into ML pipelines.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Pay as you go and stay under budget with significant cost savings at scale and no data minimums.

During our webinar, we will introduce Toloka and perform a live demonstration where we will launch an image classification project from scratch.

In this webinar you will:

  • Get an overview of the Toloka platform
  • Learn the advantages of crowdsourcing
  • Walk through the launch of your first project (participants will be given promo codes)
  • Watch a live demo of image classification


Amina Abieva
TolokaAmina is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and oversees Toloka's academic partnerships in North America. Besides her love of all things technology, she speaks fluent Mandarin and holds a Ph.D. in comparative politics from Peking University.


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